Friday, March 9, 2012

Personal Day

Today, I took a personal day from work. In all fairness, I've had this day booked since August which seems like a lifetime ago. We have a huge wedding this weekend, so today I am very busy.

Here is the agenda for today:
1. Bank (need money)
2. Pharmacy (need things to pack, medications, and various things for the house)
3. Oil company- (On top of my hot water heater being on the fritz, I need oil in the tank. I've been without hot water since last Tuesday and now I'm so desperate, I'll pay anything to be able to take a hot bath!)
4. Have to bring the hubs to his doctor's appointment in the city. (So, yes, even on my day off, I need to drive into the city. Sucks!)
5. Find double stick tape for my dress. (As ironic as this is going to sound coming from me, my dress is too big in the boobs. I do have a back up dress but I would rather not spend the money considering I'm going to spend an arm and a leg at the oil company.)

I'm even tired just writing it.



  1. Wow! Sounds busy. Have fun at the wedding. Is this the brother's wedding?

  2. Thanks for asking Linda but no. This is a friend's wedding. My brother's wedding is coming up in July!