Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day

I hate to be the one to say it but the summer is over, at least for me. It was a great ten weeks. I had lunch with many good friends. I hung out with the husband. I basically did what I wanted for the first time in almost twenty years. Usually I've always had a summer job, this year we decided to see if we could survive without one. We found out that we could! Did we have a lot of money? No but we certainly survived!

On the writing note, my fickle muse also seemed to be on summer vacation. I didn't write as much as what I want to which is always the case. Then low and behold, the returned from her own summer vacation yesterday. The words flowed, and flowed. My pen could hardly keep up. I could start talking about how upset I'm with her but I don't want  her to go away again. My story is getting sooo good!!! Or maybe it's just me. Just the fact that I will have less time to write that forces me to write. Maybe I'm one of those people who can only write under pressure. Crap that isn't a great personality trait.

That's all for now,

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This is a test

This morning I had planned a test of the "Dufour" back to school system. It was only a test. A test that I failed miserably. I should have known I was setting myself up for failure last night but like most who know they are not going to make a goal, I was in denial.

The first reason I should have known, I stayed up way too late. I am still on summer time. I watched Face Off on the Syfy channel until 10:30 and some of the next show about crazy ass collectors. Normally during the school year, I would not be up at this time because the alarm goes off at 4am. I  usually get up and blogged and watch at least one Tivo'd show until my coffee IV drip kicks in. I'm out of the house and at work 6:30.

At work, I usually take the quiet and deserted hour of 6:30-7:30 to crunch out some writing. Then people would start coming into work and the day would begin.

Today, I slept through the alarm. I blame the husband. He started looking for the knife he wore earlier but couldn't find at midnight. I've talked about this before, my husband is always wearing some type of pocket knife. It's saved my ass before when he actually had to cut me out of my seatbelt in the car. Nothing dramatic, I was in my driveway and it wouldn't unlock. So all the lights went on and the hunt began. I truly believe my husband has a sixth sense about when things are misplaced. He also thinks about these things at the wrong time! It didn't take long to find it but my sleep was interrupted.

So with school looming over my shoulder to open on Monday, I'm still on summer hours.

I won't even get into how behind I am on my deadline for my current book!!! Do I think it's awesome? Oh yes I do. I'm more excited about this book than any of the others that I've written but more about that on Friday.

The winner of the free book from my review blog hop is Fiction Playground. I will email you privately to see if you'd like a copy of one of my books.

I'm off for now to finish coffee and get myself out of the house. My goal today is work in my classroom until noon and then come home and write.

Peace out,

Monday, August 20, 2012

What do you look for in a book review?

Hi all,
I'm part of the "What do you look for in a book review" blog hop. So here it is, what DO you look for in a book review?

As with most writers, I'm a reader first. Honestly, the first thing that catches my eye is the cover of the book. Does that seem shallow? Maybe, but they are there for a reason. As a writer, trust me, a bad cover and totally break a good book. Then if the cover has caught my attention, then I'll read the blurb. After that, I go for the reviews.

What I look for as a reader, is a well written review that gives an honest opinion about the book. When I say honest, I mean "just the facts ma'am". What did you like about the book? What didn't you like about the book? Let's face it, not everything that I read I like. There have been times when I have chosen badly or simply not like what I've read. First thing, I do remember is that I did choose to read the book. So something originally caught my eye in the first place. Honestly also doesn't mean "flame job". The minute I see a scathing review, the reviewer totally loses credibility in my mind. You didn't like the book, we get it but why? The reviewer doesn't have to paint the author as the next Jack the Ripper of literature. Your trash is another person's treasure. You never know. Author's do read reviews and sometimes they hurt. A good review though tells you what your readers want and writers do listen if it's said enough.

I usually write novellas. They are short stories. If people do buy one of my books, they are labeled that way. Feedback I usually get it that the books are too short. Most of the time, it's a compliment because the readers are not willing to give up the characters just yet and want more from them. Sometimes, it's not but I do listen. My next book, while taking me forever to write will be much, much longer, probably over 50K.

So we will see what happens. I might get a review that says Bound in Evil is too long winded and has a lot of background information. Most importantly if it's reviewed, I want an honest opinion. An opinion you wouldn't mind sharing to my face instead of a computer. If you could tell it to my face that's the type of review I'd want to hear.

Please leave a comment and an email address for a chance to read (and review, LOL) one of my books.

Peace out,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kick her to the curb?

I'm sorry that I've been neglecting this blog lately. I am feverishly trying to finish my new book before school starts which is in two weeks. So needless to say, "Casa Dufour" is a friggin' mess and poor Mr. Marie is surviving on take out and Ramen Noodles. But anyway...

I'm honestly shocked at all of the backlash that's happening over this Kristen Steward and Robert Pattinson "thing". I don't condone what she did but I'm surprised at the media attention it is getting and how she's being dropped from movies left and right. Here are some of my reason of why this amazes me.

1. The girl (and I do mean girl) is only 22 years old. She made a bad decision. If I could go back to my 22 year self, I would slap myself silly. Seriously, I would!!!

2. If Twilight wasn't such a media frenzy commodity, this wouldn't be more than a footnote. Oh gee, someone in Hollywood cheated on their boyfriend. Yawn... my cousin works for Access Hollywood. Trust me, it's only news because she is one half of one of the most beloved couples in YA history.

3. If Robert Pattinson was the one to cheat, would he be dropped from future movie roles. This girl is being dropped faster than a hot potato. I read this morning that she is being written out of the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel. It's no longer going to be about her but focusing on the Huntsman. Now I have a girl crush on Chris Hemsworth, so I'm good with this. But really...?

4. Let's talk about he 42 year old director who she cheated on him with. HE should have known better. HE is old enough to be her father. HE is married with children of his own. HE is also not being dropped as director for the sequel. Double standard, don't you think?

5. Her behavior has now made her the punchline for every comedian on the planet. Ok, I laugh too. The clip of Jon Stewart and Robert Pattinson eating ice cream and talking about breakups is really funny.

Maybe it's just me... move on to the next story.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Insecurities, thy name is Marie

Today I got up wicked early to set up all the promos for my guest blogging somewhere today. Ok, honestly Sasha (the demon morning cat) woke me up to turn on the faucet for her, despite the fact Mr. Marie actually being up. Regardless of why I got up, I got up. So I turned on the computer and went to the site and...someone else's blog was there. So out comes all of my insecurities of the possible reason why this happened.

Number one insecurity- My writing sucks
Maybe the reason why my blog isn't there is that my writing sucks. The person running the blog totally hated it and decided to swap out my blog with someone else's blog.

Number two insecurity- The blog wasn't good enough
Some could say this is the same thing as number one, maybe. In all honesty, I totally forgot about it and wrote something yesterday. Maybe it needed so many edits that the person said, "hells no!" This is a possibility. I'm a terrible editor. Even when I do edit, I miss so much. Reviewers have honestly said that my books need more editing. It's one of the reason why I'm moving so slow on my first Bound book. Now, I'm super sensitive to what I'm writing.

There could also be a million and one reasons why it didn't run today that have nothing to do with my insecurities. I won't know until I get an answer to my e-mail. Until then, I'm going to be a little crushed.

All I have to say is that I'm glad I got up and check and didn't do what I originally was going to do and set up things to be published on a timer.

So now I wait...


Ok, now I just received a confirmation of my blog post... very weird. Here's the link...check back in an hour.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

And the winner is...

The winner of my own side contest for the $10 GC to Amazon is Rae M.  Congrats! I will email you for you to send me your snail mail address. Happy Reading!!!

Peace out,