Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This is a test

This morning I had planned a test of the "Dufour" back to school system. It was only a test. A test that I failed miserably. I should have known I was setting myself up for failure last night but like most who know they are not going to make a goal, I was in denial.

The first reason I should have known, I stayed up way too late. I am still on summer time. I watched Face Off on the Syfy channel until 10:30 and some of the next show about crazy ass collectors. Normally during the school year, I would not be up at this time because the alarm goes off at 4am. I  usually get up and blogged and watch at least one Tivo'd show until my coffee IV drip kicks in. I'm out of the house and at work 6:30.

At work, I usually take the quiet and deserted hour of 6:30-7:30 to crunch out some writing. Then people would start coming into work and the day would begin.

Today, I slept through the alarm. I blame the husband. He started looking for the knife he wore earlier but couldn't find at midnight. I've talked about this before, my husband is always wearing some type of pocket knife. It's saved my ass before when he actually had to cut me out of my seatbelt in the car. Nothing dramatic, I was in my driveway and it wouldn't unlock. So all the lights went on and the hunt began. I truly believe my husband has a sixth sense about when things are misplaced. He also thinks about these things at the wrong time! It didn't take long to find it but my sleep was interrupted.

So with school looming over my shoulder to open on Monday, I'm still on summer hours.

I won't even get into how behind I am on my deadline for my current book!!! Do I think it's awesome? Oh yes I do. I'm more excited about this book than any of the others that I've written but more about that on Friday.

The winner of the free book from my review blog hop is Fiction Playground. I will email you privately to see if you'd like a copy of one of my books.

I'm off for now to finish coffee and get myself out of the house. My goal today is work in my classroom until noon and then come home and write.

Peace out,

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  1. I've been sleeping in a lot lately too. I think I've almost worn the snooze button out! Here's to catching back up...somehow!

    And you should be excited about your current book! It's soooo good from what I've seen!