Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day

I hate to be the one to say it but the summer is over, at least for me. It was a great ten weeks. I had lunch with many good friends. I hung out with the husband. I basically did what I wanted for the first time in almost twenty years. Usually I've always had a summer job, this year we decided to see if we could survive without one. We found out that we could! Did we have a lot of money? No but we certainly survived!

On the writing note, my fickle muse also seemed to be on summer vacation. I didn't write as much as what I want to which is always the case. Then low and behold, the returned from her own summer vacation yesterday. The words flowed, and flowed. My pen could hardly keep up. I could start talking about how upset I'm with her but I don't want  her to go away again. My story is getting sooo good!!! Or maybe it's just me. Just the fact that I will have less time to write that forces me to write. Maybe I'm one of those people who can only write under pressure. Crap that isn't a great personality trait.

That's all for now,


  1. Enjoy your first day back. I'm fighting this. My daughter starts school Wednesday. My muse went on a mini vacation. She needs to come back today two LARGE deadlines.

  2. LOL!! I'm soo glad you're muse is back...which means more MRD books in the future. YAY!!! I'm missing summer already too. The back-to-school allergy season hit me hard. Right now, I just want to breathe again!