Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just because I write romance...

Everyone who knows me or follows the blog knows that my youngest brother is getting married. It has been a rocky road, one thankfully I can sit back and just watch. Over the Thanksgiving day holiday, we had another "incident". My family, as a whole, is very shy and private. We don't advertise things. If we do people favors, we simply want just one "thank you". Anything done is because we want to do it. We don't need a parade, or balloons, or a thank you card. It makes us uncomfortable. Boy, was my brother in the uncomfortable seat with what happened.

Despite saying no to an engagement announcement in the local papers (one in our town and one in her town), an announcement magically appeared. Not only did it appear but it was one of the worst saccharine, sugar-coated, corny thing anyone had ever read. It literally made people want to stick their fingers down their throat. These are actual words of someone who called my sister about the announcement. The opening line read: "Their love story begin in (insert church name) where it will come around full circle when then cement their love in a wedding ceremony in the exact church where it all began..." Just because I write romance, doesn't mean that I enjoy reading corny cheese! OMG! It was so horrible. I actually think my brother wanted to dig a hole and hide in it for a while.

Planning a wedding now a days is crazy, if I had to do it again, who knows what would happen!

Peace out,

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy all of the good food and most of all remember all of the things you have to be thankful about. I know I will. As a writer, I am thankful that this year I received two contracts for my writing. I wrote a bit the other day and it felt good. I'm taking Amber's advice and making sure I write a little bit each day. I hope to get some good writing in these next few days off between the THREE Thanksgiving dinners I have to attend. I really hope I don't OD on turkey.

Peace out,

Monday, November 21, 2011

Do you ever write characters who you're not attracted to?

As a reader, I pick out books where I'm attracted to the hero and a story that I find intriguing. We all have a particular type. My mother says, she can pick out my "type" from a mile a way. Give me a man with black, shaggy hair, deep brown eyes, and a devil may care attitude, I'm a puddle on the floor. Not saying there haven't been exceptions to the rule, I would not kick the guy who played Thor out of my bed because of his blond hair and light eyes. Yummy!

So the question today is, do you have a type and does that type creep into your writing? Does writing in "my type" into my stories alienate readers who like blonds or red heads? Or can other readers do what I do,  if the hero doesn't match my type, I change him in my head.

Do you ever write a male character who you wouldn't like to take into your bed?

Peace out,

Friday, November 18, 2011

Authors After Dark Conference

So I've been thinking about conferences lately. I think they are a great idea but was wondering how beneficial they are. Do they really increase your readership? Do you sell more books because you go to conferences? Or is it just an excuse for authors to get together and learn about their craft? All very good questions.

My publisher is having a big party at the Authors After Dark conference in New Orleans in August. I'm playing with the idea of going. It's right around the time of my 17th anniversary, so I figure it could work for a present/vacation with the hubby (who right now I'm mad, so I dream of going by myself but it will pass).

Anyone want to come along? There are going to be a lot of publishers there!

Peace out,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Super bad

I will say it. I have been a super bad writer lately. It's not the quality but it's definitely been the quantity. My muse, it seems, has gone on vacation and hasn't come back. The thing is, that may not be the truth. I have a lot of ideas rolling around in the my. The next book in the Fated Mates series is totally worked out in my head. I just have no ambition lately to write the ideas down. Hopefully the "I can't wait to write" feeling will return soon. I am really starting to get worried. Maybe it's because I have something hanging over my head. When I received the contract for Irish Rising, my editor asked that I make my hero's dialogue sound more Irish. He sounded American to her. So I've been struggling on how to do this. I'm stumped!

Also I've been pondering my health lately. I went to have a routine physical last week during my time off and the doctor found I have a Vitamin D deficiency. As I've been googling, I've come across many articles about 93% of women who have my type of "issues" have these deficiencies. Once they clear up the deficiencies, the "issues" go away. Could it have been this simple all of these years? After all of these years, I don't believe it, yet. We will see what the upcoming months will bring.

So basically, there has been a lot going on in my head.

Peace out,

Friday, November 11, 2011

My husband thinks we live next door to the Klopecs

If you missed the reference in the title of this blog, you have not seen one of the funniest Tom Hanks movies of his career. It comes from a movie released in 1989 called The Burbs. The movie was more Bosom Buddies human than anything else he's ever done. Not great cinema  but good for a great laugh. In the movie, he's an overstressed family guy who stays home for a vacation and realized that his new creepy neighbors are a cannibalistic cult.

The other day this is what my husband witnessed in my neighbor's yard. During the spring and summer, we don't notice a lot because the trees and shrubbery between our two yards are lush and full but fall and winter is a different story. When hubby was in the bathroom (the best viewing point) the other day, he noticed a pick up truck deep in the neighbor's yard. They had driven up to their basement. There were a lot of chains rattling and engines running. As the spectacle unfolded, he noticed a chain was attached to the  back of the truck and running down to the basement. Slowly, ever so slowly, the truck started moving in the yard pulling up something from the basement. What emerged was wrapped in canvas and duct tape and about 5 feet long. Makes you really wonder, what's wrapped up?

Trust me, I'm not one of those neighbors that worries about how someone else's yard looks but they are too much even for me. If I wanted to live next door to Sanford and Sons, I really wouldn't be paying the taxes that I have to pay on my "shoebox" of a house.

So the hubby is convinced that they are the Klopecs. I know every time he's in the bathroom, he's scoping out what's going on over there. It wouldn't surprise me if I found him sitting with binoculars next. I just wish they would clean up all of their SHIT!

On a writing note, I'm very excited. Fated Mates received a 4 star review in the JERR newsletter. Thanks Amber and Nina for pointing it out for me and sending me the newsletter. It also almost sold 200 copies last month. I know that number is not great but for me I'm thrilled. It's my first book and people are actually buying it.

Peace out,

Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Short Work Week

Happy short work week for me, I just have today and tomorrow and then I'm off until next week! Hoping the creative juices will be flowing. My muse has taken a vacation.

So today I'm writing about how there is a show on my DVR which keeps on piling up but I have no desire to watch it lately but don't know if I want to delete the recording of it yet. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever watched a show for years and years and all of a sudden-Poof- you lose interest? I'm that way right now with the show Supernatural. I've seen it since the beginning but all of a sudden, I'm just not enjoying anymore. It really  makes me sad. But I'm not ready to delete it yet. So I guess, I'll keep the five episodes I'm behind for a day when I want to veg out and catch up.

Speaking of TV, I am really liking Once Upon a Time. The husband likes Grimm better but I look forward to seeing it every week.

Has any new show totally captured your attention this season?

Peace out,

Friday, November 4, 2011

Flying Body Parts

As a new published writer, I'm totally obsessed with how my book is doing. Are people liking it and reviewing it? Where is it in the standings on particular websites? Maybe it will ease with my second book, or maybe I'll be just as obsessed with the rest. Like I said, I am a bit of a freak.

As I have been deep in my new obsession, I've been noticing the different types of genres out there and how they are doing. All I can say is that gay erotic romances are super hot right now! Being a reader first, I have to say I do love a good menage story. There's something about being sandwich in between two hot guys trying to pleasure which gives the reader a thrill. Some writers do it very well, if you haven't, please check out Amber Skyze's story Adrift and Miranda Stowe's Best Friends Share Everything as great examples. I enjoyed both books immensely!

I really don't think right now I am a proficient enough writer to be able to write a menage, maybe in the future. What is too much though, that's the question? While being my freak self, I notice quite a few books with multiple partners. One that totally blew my mind (and it wasn't alone) was MFMMM. All I can say is, "Holy, flying body parts Batman." (The husband is playing the new Batman video game, so the phrase is constantly running in my head this morning.) The writer of this book must know exactly what they are doing because to me I just see a whole lot of penises flying around!!! I wonder how they keep track of who is where? Who is doing what to who? Is it like a human pretzel? It makes my mind spin with the possibilities. Are you getting a headache trying to figure it out? All I can say is Wow!

Today is finally the end of a crazy week at work, so I am looking forward to some rest, relaxation, cleaning, and much needed writing over the weekend.

I would like to give a special birthday shout out to my friend Amber Skyze who is celebrating her birthday weekend this weekend. If you have to cry this weekend, may they be tears of joy. If you are shocked, may it be from presents from family and friends. If you are full, may it be from all of the blessings that are in your life right now. Enjoy your weekend, my friend, you deserve it!!!

Peace out,

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Drumroll, please...We have a winner

This year I participated in the Halloween Trick or Treat Blog Hop, I met a bunch of new friends and doubled the followers of my blog. It really was a great experience. I'm going to be doing it again in December, so watch out for that promo. So can I have a drumroll please...the winner of a copy of Fated Mates and an Amazon Gift Certificate is...Julianne! Yeah. I will send you a copy of the book via your e-mail and then send me your snail mail address. Congrats! I hope you enjoy Fated Mates!

Come back on Friday when I blog about swinging body parts!!!

Peace out,