Friday, November 11, 2011

My husband thinks we live next door to the Klopecs

If you missed the reference in the title of this blog, you have not seen one of the funniest Tom Hanks movies of his career. It comes from a movie released in 1989 called The Burbs. The movie was more Bosom Buddies human than anything else he's ever done. Not great cinema  but good for a great laugh. In the movie, he's an overstressed family guy who stays home for a vacation and realized that his new creepy neighbors are a cannibalistic cult.

The other day this is what my husband witnessed in my neighbor's yard. During the spring and summer, we don't notice a lot because the trees and shrubbery between our two yards are lush and full but fall and winter is a different story. When hubby was in the bathroom (the best viewing point) the other day, he noticed a pick up truck deep in the neighbor's yard. They had driven up to their basement. There were a lot of chains rattling and engines running. As the spectacle unfolded, he noticed a chain was attached to the  back of the truck and running down to the basement. Slowly, ever so slowly, the truck started moving in the yard pulling up something from the basement. What emerged was wrapped in canvas and duct tape and about 5 feet long. Makes you really wonder, what's wrapped up?

Trust me, I'm not one of those neighbors that worries about how someone else's yard looks but they are too much even for me. If I wanted to live next door to Sanford and Sons, I really wouldn't be paying the taxes that I have to pay on my "shoebox" of a house.

So the hubby is convinced that they are the Klopecs. I know every time he's in the bathroom, he's scoping out what's going on over there. It wouldn't surprise me if I found him sitting with binoculars next. I just wish they would clean up all of their SHIT!

On a writing note, I'm very excited. Fated Mates received a 4 star review in the JERR newsletter. Thanks Amber and Nina for pointing it out for me and sending me the newsletter. It also almost sold 200 copies last month. I know that number is not great but for me I'm thrilled. It's my first book and people are actually buying it.

Peace out,


  1. Wow, 200 copies?! In one month?! Okay, I'm jealous. I think that's a totally awesome number.

    The Klopecs--er, neighbors--sound pretty suspicious.

  2. Hmmm, that sounds like a dead body. I'd probably have called the cops.

    200 copies is awesome.


  3. Now they're power washing. We are starting to get very suspicious!!!!!