Monday, November 21, 2011

Do you ever write characters who you're not attracted to?

As a reader, I pick out books where I'm attracted to the hero and a story that I find intriguing. We all have a particular type. My mother says, she can pick out my "type" from a mile a way. Give me a man with black, shaggy hair, deep brown eyes, and a devil may care attitude, I'm a puddle on the floor. Not saying there haven't been exceptions to the rule, I would not kick the guy who played Thor out of my bed because of his blond hair and light eyes. Yummy!

So the question today is, do you have a type and does that type creep into your writing? Does writing in "my type" into my stories alienate readers who like blonds or red heads? Or can other readers do what I do,  if the hero doesn't match my type, I change him in my head.

Do you ever write a male character who you wouldn't like to take into your bed?

Peace out,


  1. I haven't written a male character who I wouldn't like to take to bed. For me, long haired blonds do it...but the DH is the complete opposite.
    I keep an open mind because you never know who you'll fall in love with. That being said if I don't like a hero in a book I'm reading I change him too. :)


  2. Most of the heroes in my story look totally different and act totally different than my hubby, but I still love them all (the hubby included!!). I don't believe I have a type, but I think it's fun to explore different types of people through my heroes and heroines, though I don't always like some of the things they do.

    Sigh. I created them, you'd think I'd be able to control every action they take!!