Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just because I write romance...

Everyone who knows me or follows the blog knows that my youngest brother is getting married. It has been a rocky road, one thankfully I can sit back and just watch. Over the Thanksgiving day holiday, we had another "incident". My family, as a whole, is very shy and private. We don't advertise things. If we do people favors, we simply want just one "thank you". Anything done is because we want to do it. We don't need a parade, or balloons, or a thank you card. It makes us uncomfortable. Boy, was my brother in the uncomfortable seat with what happened.

Despite saying no to an engagement announcement in the local papers (one in our town and one in her town), an announcement magically appeared. Not only did it appear but it was one of the worst saccharine, sugar-coated, corny thing anyone had ever read. It literally made people want to stick their fingers down their throat. These are actual words of someone who called my sister about the announcement. The opening line read: "Their love story begin in (insert church name) where it will come around full circle when then cement their love in a wedding ceremony in the exact church where it all began..." Just because I write romance, doesn't mean that I enjoy reading corny cheese! OMG! It was so horrible. I actually think my brother wanted to dig a hole and hide in it for a while.

Planning a wedding now a days is crazy, if I had to do it again, who knows what would happen!

Peace out,


  1. Ahh, poor brother. I didn't put a wedding announcement in my paper either, and thank goodness no one did it for me!

    My brother-in-law is getting married this Saturday in a rodeo arena. I know!! It was one of those last minute, "hey, I'm getting married next month things." WOW. So we got an invitation to the reception, and my husband won't stop teasing his brother saying, "So...are we invited to the wedding then or not." We are, of course!

    The invitation said, "Wear your boots and jeans..." I really wanted to get some skanky zip-up boots, but sigh. They're too expensive.

  2. We didn't do an announcement either. We planned a simple one 5 yrs ago. I wouldn't want to do it again.