Monday, December 5, 2011

Novella writing needs respect

I have a book which is published. There is another book waiting to be published "in the wings". The crazy thing is, in some circles I'm not considered published at all. There are some "groups" out there that don't consider anything under a full print novel "published".

Sometimes this makes me angry. Do these people know how difficult it is to write "short". I have to incorporate all of the elements of a "full novel" within a few thousand words. Not everyone can do it, I'm not saying I'm the poster child for novella writers. I have a lot to learn and fully acknowledge this. The fact is, I like writing novellas.

One reason is I like reading them. My life is crazy, so a novella fits just right for my reading time. It's short enough if I have a few hours, I can get through it in one sitting. Yet, it's long enough for me to put down in a good place, knowing, lovingly that I will come back to it when I can. I guess it's the same why I enjoy movies more than episodic television. With a movie, I know I will get some satisfaction at the end of the two or so hours but with tv, I have to wait week after week and then sometimes I still don't get a pay off. I'm not into getting tortured. I obsess!

So hopefully someday, even though some of us don't physically have a book to hold, we will get the respect that our "print" author peers do!!

Peace out,


  1. Amen!! It really is difficult to squeeze all the emotions, plot, character, rising and falling action and everything else into a short little space!

  2. Here! Here! Writing short isn't easy and I don't care what "those" people say..YOU ARE PUBLISHED and so am I and so is the rest of the novella writer!


  3. Best not to listen to people. I hone my short stories and novellas as much as I do my novels. Yes, there may be less time spent writing a short story as opposed to a novel, but I devote no less attention to it.

    Writing short *is* hard. Don't let anyone tell you you're less for writing...less. Okay, I'm not making sense anymore. It's past midnight.

    I also go short story/novella hunting once in a while to fill up my Kindle on stories I can grab while my kids are falling asleep. If I sink my teeth into a novel, I risk the whole night, cutting my sleep time short! I'm telling you, me with lack of sleep is NOT a good combo. Which brings me back to it being past midnight...

  4. I so agree with you on the novella. I write novellas too. I know several other authors and they feel the same way. Good luck with Fated Mates!