Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cravings eBook Club

Here is a wonderful opportunity from my publisher. Check it out.


Good morning Lover of Reading and Romance,
We invite you to become a Charter Member of the Cravings eBook Club and receive   Taming The Cougar* by Sandy Sullivan and Hunting Jaguar** by D. McEntire    absolutely FREE! As a club member, you’ll receive 4 BRAND-NEW EBOOKS, specially selected by our Editorial Director, every month for a total price of only $9.99 for all 4. This comes out to barely $2.50 per book, much less than the retail price and you’ll be able to enjoy your books even before they hit Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
*Taming the Cougar, a western, erotic romance:
Marla isn't looking for love or anything else from a man. Can Marla put aside her distrust of men for a younger man? Can Chris convince her he's not like other guys?
**Hunting Jaguar, paranormal erotic romance:
Rachel Hayes' Father set out to prove the existence of the Miloni temple and the Jaguar people. Tumi is a descendant of the Miloni race and is sworn to protect their secret with his life. Will he be forced to uphold his vow at the cost of his heart and Rachel's life?
As a club member, you will also receive:
·       our monthly newsletter
·       sneak previews of new books
·       exclusive interviews with your favorite authors
·       special offers not available to the general public
To tell us which genres and heat levels you like best and which format you want to receive your books in, please check below and paste this information into the comments section of your transaction. You will be charged, automatically, through Paypal, only $9.99 every month.  Your books will be shipped within one day after PayPal payment has cleared. You may cancel at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe button located on the Cravings Club tab at the bottom of our website and keep the FREE BOOKS as our gift.   
2 Easy Steps to Join
1.     Go to the Cravings Club tab at the bottom of our website, click on subscribe to be taken to Paypal. Send $9.99.
2.     Please fill out the form below and paste this into the PayPal comment section and then complete your transaction.
We hope our Secret Cravings books will delight you each and every month.
                                                                                                             Best wishes,
                                                                                                             Beth Walker
_________ YES! Sign me up for membership in the Cravings Club. I understand I will receive four ebooks per month and be charged $9.99 automatically through my Paypal account.
The format I would like to receive my books in is:
____ pdf
____ epub (Most e-readers, including Nook, use this format)
____ html
____ mobi (Kindle)
____ Lit (MS e-reader)
The genres I prefer are: (please check up to 4)
_______No preference.  Let your editor choose for me.
_______Mainstream romance- Sweet contemporary romance with main characters and sexual relations being between man and woman.- heat level 1-2
_______Contemporary/Erotic- romance with a high level of heat, relationship between man and woman heat level 3-5
_______GLBT- M/M, F/F, Gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and/or transgender - heat level 3-5
_______Western - any heat level
_______Fantasy/Paranormal- any heat level
_______Regency historical –any heat level
_______Hot Flash/Cougar/Summer Hot Romance Heat level 3-5
The heat levels I prefer are:  (Please check all that apply)
_______Five Flames      
_______Four Flames
_______Three Flames
_______Two Flames
_______One Flame
_______No preference

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