Friday, December 9, 2011

So far behind

It's getting to that time of year when I feel like I am so far behind on everything. To some extent, I really am. My house is not decorated yet, not even a candle in the window. Not one present has been bought yet. The good thing about buying presents for the family is that the only "real" presents bought are for the kids. The rest, all couples, received a combined $50 in gift certificates. The bad thing about this month, is that it's also the hubby's birthday. In exactly, seven days to be exact, so I also have to buy birthday presents. It must have been tough as a kid to have a birthday so close to Christmas. My birthday is right after New Year's and I know that really sucks! We always seem to go back to school on that exact day. Happy Birthday to me huh?

I am trying to take Amber's advice and write at least 100 words a day, which is working and getting me back into the swing of things. I just wish the second book in the Fated Mates series was flowing like the first one. Oh well, I guess they can't be all easy.

So my goal for this weekend is to decorate the house, and finish at least one chapter in my WIP. I'll let you know on Monday how I made out.

Peace out,


  1. We managed to get the tree's not decorated yet. I have all the little kids done: the baby, my niece and two grandkids. Now I have to buy for my older kids and a bunch of my cousins kids. Like you the others get gift cards.
    I'm starting to wonder if getting married on New Years Eve was a good idea. Too close to Christmas for gift giving.

    I'm trying to take my own advice. I just finished 100 words, I hope I continue. :)

    Good luck.


  2. Sounds like good goals to me. My husband's birthday is right after New Years too. It ALWAYS seems to creep up on me!

    Have fun decorating!