Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dufour, Marie Rose Dufour

The title is supposed to be a rip off of Bond, James Bond. If you already haven't guessed yet. Lately I feel like a secret agent. A secret agent who does home improvements in the middle of the night because she can't sleep. My target has been my bathtub!

We inherited our house from my husband's parents. When his mom died she'd been living alone for quite a few years and when something went wrong, she would hire the most obscure people to do half ass job instead of calling her son who built mansions in Newport. No, why call the guy who's work was highlighted in magazine when it's so much easier to ask the eighty-two year old man next door. Now in her defense, my husband comes from people who think duct tape is the universal "fix-it" tool. I cringe when my husband calls for me to "get the duct tape". One the opposite side of the spectrum, I come from a mother who every few years repaints her entire house to "freshen" it up. My sister basically paints every weekend (although it might be a sickness) but it sure looks beautiful.

I have always hated the bathtub since before we've moved into the house. My MIL never liked to clean it, so the grout never really looked clean. Her quick fix was to find this tape/coating that protected the grout between the tub and the wall. Once pulled off, it left a hard shell. The one thing she never did though was make sure the grout was clean before putting on this coating, so instead of it protecting it and keeping it clean, it created a gross black mildew line that ran around the seam of the tub. No matter what type of cleaning agent you would use, you couldn't get it to look clean. I'm a bath person, so this is one of those things that totally bothers me!

Since this is the first summer where I haven't had a summer job, 00Marie has been born. In the early hours of the morning, I have been sitting with a chisel in my bathtub and taking off this coating. This morning I finally finished. Is it perfect? No but damn it looks one hundred percent better.

You may ask yourself, why the secret agent routine? My husband hates change! No matter what type of change it is. I actually think it makes him nervous. So if he doesn't see it being done, he's ok with it. So I do home improvements in private.

Have a great day, I'm off to my basement to get rid of a few boxes of junk because today is trash day!

Peace out,


  1. LOL Have fun with that. I need a dumpster and to have a yard sale. I'm just too lazy to do the work that needs to be done. I guess it's the summer weather. I'd rather be swimming or hanging outside than do real work. LOL

  2. 00Marie sounds totally awesome! My husband doesn't like to rearrange furniture but if something needs cleaned or fixed, or thrown out, he's kind of anal about getting that done!