Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tracking book sales

As an author, do you track your book sales? I know that I do. I actually have an app on my phone that "tracks" my sales on Amazon. It's not an exact match but it's close enough to the real sales totals. I also check the rankings of my books. I especially do this when I release a new book. People who have never released a book, don't realize how nerve wracking a new release can be. Will people like it? Will people buy it? So I do track, sometimes obsessively.

One good think I like about using Novel Rank of my phone is when I see my books sell one right after the other. This is the scenario I build in my mind. A reader finds one of my books by accident and buy it. They really like what they have read and then buy a second book by me. After reading that second, they just can't wait to buy the third and go ahead and do it. Now my friends can tell you that I am nothing but a rational person in my real life. In my writing life, it's all champagne and roses in my dreams. Do I realize that the sales could be totally random? Yes, I do. Isn't my "explanation" such a better one? That's the beauty of being a writer, worlds can be created!

Tomorrow, I am blogging over at Carrie Ann Ryan's blog. How I feel into this opportunity, I do not know but I appreciate someone like her giving me time on her blog.

Today is a crazy day. My husband and I have the first home visit for our adoption journey. Do I feel the house is ready? No and I'm freaking out but it will be the best it can be by two this afternoon. Wish me luck and come visit me tomorrow, so it looks like I have some friends.

Peace out,


  1. I have complete confidence that you'll do wonderful on your home visit. But I wish you all the luck in the world.

    I'm a total freak--pretty much all the time--when it comes to tracking sales. I've even learned on aRe and Fictionwise that they alphabetize your books unless you've sold a copy recently (aRe updates new sales daily and FW weekly, btw), so if the order is not alphabetical, I know which books have sold there recently. Now which one of us is more obsessed?!

  2. You'll do great on the home visit. As always you have my wishes for all good luck.

    I check my stats every morning. It's part of my online ritual. When I have a new release I'll check them a few more times during the day. Okay, I admit it, I get crazy with a new release. :)

    Hey, thanks for the info Linda. That's good to know. :)