Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. 2012 was a very exciting year in my house and I'm expecting more of 2013. Last year, on this very day, I wrote about a few goals. Let's revisit them before I make a few more for this year.

1. I was working on three WIPs at the time. Two of them are finished, Irish Rising, published in March from Secret Craving Publishing, is a nice little story that has yet to find an audience. In my head, I have a few reasons why this book hasn't made many sales. Then, I also finished my first full length novel. Bound in Evil should be released on January 10, 2013. Round one of edits has been submitted but my copy editor has been very silent. So I don't know where it is in the process right now. It's a bit frustrating but I'm sure it will all work out. I hope I find out soon because I have a few guest spots which I'm working on and need to know if I can publicize the date.

2. I had a weight loss goal of 50 lbs. last year. I lost 30 but probably gained 10 back. It's back on the juice for me and the hubby after today. Considering I'm still down, I'll keep that in the plus column.

So here are a few of my goals for the upcoming year of 2013.

1. I have two books left to finish in the Bound Series. So by the end of this year, I will have at least three books in print.

2. I'd like to start writing at least one thousand words a day. I think that's a number I can manage. The weekends and vacations can be more but with work I think it's a good number!

3. Weight loss is going to be a priority. This year, I'm not going to put a number on it. This would put pressure on me. Any weight loss will be welcomed.

4. I vow to take a vacation this year. I haven't had one in nine years, I think I'm due. So Disney, here I come!

5. I am a featured author at the Authors After Dark conference in Savannah, Georgia this August and I'm going to rock it!!! The goal is to attend at least one conference per year, maybe more.

Any goals?



  1. I'd like to get five books written and subbed or self-published this year. Not counting the two I'm re-releasing from the Aspen Mountain craziness.
    I'd like to lose 10-20 lbs, but would be happy with anything!
    I want to attend two conferences this year, but I think only one will be realistic.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Congrats on your commitment to your goals. Yes, I have several and blogged about them on new year's, also making sure to take action that day to set the tone for the year. For example, I hope to publish 3 books this year. Best of luck with yours!

  3. My goal is to write 50,000 words a month for an entire year. Some months will be more difficult (February, I'm looking at you), especially with school about to resume, but I'm deeply committed to this goal.

    I'd also like to lose some weight. I have a rough estimate in mind, but like you, I don't want to put a number on it and feel disappointed if I don't reach it by a certain date.

    I'm inspired by your goal to attend at least one conference a year. I didn't even think of that but it's something I would love to do.

    Another goal for me is to maintain a 4.0 GPA. I don't know how feasible that is considering I'll be a full time student this semester with a math class (boo!) two science classes, and a psych class. I feel like all I'll be doing is studying and chugging coffee to stay awake.

    And my final major goal of the year is to take control of the mindless things that suck time right out from under my feet. I want each minute of my day to count for something, whether it's studying, writing, exercising, spending time with family.