Friday, June 14, 2013

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Hi all,
Remember me? Maybe or maybe not, I have been terrible about blogging lately because life has gotten in the way. I am really going to make a vow to at least blog two times a week.

Here is an update at what's happening in "Marie-land":

1. As you know,  the hubs and I are in the middle of adopting a baby. I can't say middle anymore, I should say more towards the end. So much at the end, that if you heard a massive "thud" last Thursday, it was our jaws as we were offered a baby out of the blue!!! To say that we were shocked was an understatement. Although we felt for the little guy, he wasn't "our baby" and good thing because they found his dad and he wants to try and be parent. I will him all the luck in the world but this taught I that things could change at a moments notice. So it kicked our butts in gear and we started on massive home improvements. I'm bruised and battered but things are moving here. If we could just get the weather to cooperate. The dumpster is finally in the backyard and we had one weekend of intense cleaning of the basement but ever since the rain has descended upon us. So, hopefully when the rain stops this weekend, it will be go, go, go again!

2. School is winding down with that the paperwork is ramping up. I can't believe my first year back in the classroom will be over in 5 school days. It's crazy how fast this year has gone by!!! Of course, we've have been dealing with the dreaded lice in my class for the past month and anyone who knows me and knows how much hair I have, knows this is a constant fear in my life. So being me, I decided to research and I found that if you mixed tea tree oil in your shampoo, it's supposed to repel the lice. So I have been doing it. WELL, it seems that this noxious mixture is not supposed to get anywhere near your eyes. Now I have extremely puffy, peeling, and cracking eyelids. It's so bad that I can't wear my contact lenses. My choice now is to stop the oil treatment and save my eyelids or risk bringing home some little friends. Grrr.....

3. The writing has been going slowly but Bound in Deceit the second novel in the Bound Trilogy will be submitted by the end of the month and released the beginning of August. Yay!!!! I'm also the featured author today on Romancing the Books. If you're reading this, please come over after 6am eastern time and give me some love.

Here's the link...

That's all for now- peace out,


  1. My brother and his first wife tried for years to adopt a baby and never got one. I remember one time when they helped this pregnant girl by paying for all her medical expenses, but it ended up she kept the child in the end. I have a bad feeling this happens a lot. But I hope you get a little one in the end!

    And oooh, I can't wait until Bound in Deceit gets here. Very excited for you!

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