Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hi all,

Ever wonder about an author's secret cravings? Join me and other Secret Cravings Publishing authors and find out.

In typical "Marie" fashion (so much going on and head not screwed on straight), I think I am being interviewed over at Linda Kage's Blog. (Linda, if I got the date wrong I am truly sorry.)

I would have posted later but apparently the school district has blocked all sites deemed as "entertainment" with all of our computers. What can I say? That dreaded day job has got to go!!!

Peace out,


  1. Yep! Your interview is up and running. Sorry, I post my blogs at 6 am my time which is probably 7 or 8 your time, and yeah, I bet you're at work by then.

    My hubby currently works at a school and is the guy who catches all the students sneaking past the internet blocks. He says they just type S after the http part of the internet address. So instead of http://blablabla, they type https://blablabla. I've always wanted to go to a school and try it to see if that truly works. Of course, I'd be the one to get caught and get into trouble. Sigh!!

    Okay, now I'm off to check out what your secret cravings are!!