Monday, January 30, 2012

Super bad blogger

I know I have been a super bad blogger lately. I am trying feverishly to finish to Saddle Up. It was supposed to be finished this weekend but I am only about three quarters finished. This was a goal that I imposed upon myself. It probably was unrealistic to begin with, especially taking on the college class at night. But I spent this weekend writing and added three thousand words to it. For once, I've actually mapped out the story, so I know where it is going. I feel really good about it. I just need to finish it. Hopefully I can send it off to my editor by the beginning of February vacation and the start on my Bound trilogy. Keep your fingers crossed.

I do have a funny mother story for you. I went to visit her this weekend and she decided to give me some writing advice. Here it is:

1. I should forget about writing "that sci-fi stuff" because no one is really interested in that type of story. I tried to tell her my new book is set in Ireland but I don't think she was hearing anything I said at the moment.

2. Stop writing erotica. No one wants to hear about every bit of sex explicitly. (Hmm... I don't have a problem with it!)

3. I should write for Harlequin. You haven't made it to my mother if you are not published by Harlequin.

4. I need to put more God in my stories. What she is really saying is that she would be proud of my writing if I wrote Christian inspirational love stories.

Hubby's response: There is God in your stories and it goes like this, "Oh God, oh, God, oh God..."

Where did I come from????



  1. LOL There's God in my stories too!

  2. LOL!!! I love the hubby's response. It reminds me of the WIP I'm working on now.

    But, yeah, my mom is like yours except she knows better than to say too much stuff to me about her opinion. All she said was, "I think I'll stop reading your books with sex in them. They give me too many strange ideas." Okay. In return, I spit out a story every once in a while than she "can" read!!!

    Moms are so funny; gotta love them, huh? Good luck on finishing Saddle Up!