Monday, January 9, 2012

Want what you can't have

You ever notice, what you want the most sometimes you can't have? This is becoming evident the more and more I'm on this diet. Is it working? Yes it is. I am closing in on twenty pounds right now. It's funny the more weight I lose, it becomes more and more evident to me, the more weight I need to lose. How did I allow myself to get this way?

I could blame medication. For the past few years, I have been shot up with every type of hormone medication to try and have a baby. Not only didn't it work, but it left me with a residual thirty pounds on my already overweight body. I would like to blame all the weight on this but I really can't.

I could blame genetics. I take after my mother. She was extremely skinny until her thirties and then she started to gain weight. For my whole entire life, she has been overweight.

But the fact of the matter is, my husband and I love all the bad types of food. I love buffalo wings with blue cheese, french fries, burgers, pizza... I could go on and on. Every pay day, we would get take out from the pizza place up the street. I wouldn't get a salad, I would get something fried. All I can blame is me for the situation I am in.

So it took the possibility of being the fattest people in wedding photos to motivate us to lose weight. But do you realize how many fast food commercials there are on tv. Over the weekend, we counted. In the five commercials between show segments, there are three for food. There is a reason we are the fattest nation in the world and commercialism plays upon it. It's very easy to diet when I'm at work. There is nothing else for me do or eat but at home this weekend. I wanted every type of junk food available. It is crazy. I wanted what I couldn't have.

So KFC, leave me alone! I'm on the juice!!!!



  1. I wish we could all eat whatever we wanted and not have to worry about weight or clogged arteries or high blood sugar. It's just not fair. I can eat just as much as the next person but since I have a high metabolism and hyper thyroid food seems to burn right off (except in the butt area...sigh) and make me look to long and gangly, while the food would stick to someone else who ate what I did.

    I just don't get how it all works. And I totally hate how it can make a person feel bad about herself. I think I've seen only one picture of you, but to me, you look totally beautiful because you're one of the sweetest people I know.


  2. I so feel your pain as a not perfect bodied woman. I'm a short-short woman just barely 5 foot 1 & 1/2 inches, and I will never be a perfect figured damsel. But I'm happy with who am and never got into the diet to diet race either. I've gained and lost over the many years, and my DH loves me as I am.
    But I did find out a secret about 4 years ago that has forever stopped my cravings for those foods that add the punds and cravings for any sweet. I have 2 things that I drink regularly and that is Mango Gatorade to keep hydrated as my physical activity makes me a dreaded sweater...thank god I don't stink or I think I would just cry. But I started early menopause in my mid 30's and its bounced me in & out of it every since because I won't do HRT. Next my second love is green tea with honey. I love it and drink about a gallon a day. No pop. But the wonderful side effect of green tea is that it stopped all cravings for sweets. It helped me lose weight like you can't believe. I'm still not a Twiggy, but I'm at a stable healthy weight, and I am back to losing a few more pounds since returning to full time work.
    So give that green tea a try, and I hope it works for you as it has for me and many others....*S*
    Wishing you love & light!