Friday, April 6, 2012

Book Trailers

I want to wish everyone a great holiday weekend. I have today off, so with all days off, I have a list of things to do a mile long. Writing doesn't even show up anywhere but I'm hoping to squeeze in some time later today.

We stay home for Easter, which makes things a lot easier. I usually spend the day in my pj's, cook what I want, eat what I want, and do whatever I want. It's MY holiday.

My one goal for the weekend is to try and figure out how to create a book trailer. I know they probably don't boost sales all that much but any sale is a sale.

I have a MAC. Any words of advice....

Peace out,


  1. Have a happy Easter to you too!!!

    On videos: one of my writing buds suggested to me. Then I also know about I bought a picture/video making program called Pro Show Gold I'm sure you could use any of those on a mac.

    Other than that, I'm clueless.

  2. Happy Easter!

    I don't have a MAC so I have no clu, sorry!