Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cracking the success code: Venue

I am convinced that there's more to a successful book than just writing a masterpiece. I truly am. There a quite a lot of factors that go into a successful book. So I figured, I'm going to write about a few that I think are important. By no means do I consider myself a successful writer. No, no, no! These are just my thoughts because I'm convinced it takes a lot more than just a good book. Heck, Nicholas Sparks has proven this fact!

The first think I think we need to look at is where are our books selling the most. The vendor! I know in my own case, my books seem to sell on Amazon but on Barnes and Noble, I have had extremely limited sales. Why is that? I don't know but for some reason for every one book I sell on Barnes and Noble, I will sell four on Amazon. Does one have a broader readership? Is the Kindle more successful e-reading than the Nook? Again, I don't know but it's something to think about.

Why, am I thinking about these things you ask? I think now a days when everyone knows  someone who is extremely successful at self-publishing, you ask yourself the same question. Would my books sell more if I self-published them? I know personally two authors who are extremely successful in the world of self-pub and a lot where the books are just doing average sales. So the answer is maybe yes and maybe no! I can say if you're going to self-pub, make sure you write a trilogy and put the first book for free. If you can hook the reader with the first book, they are probably going to buy your other two to see how the series ends up.

Basically, where do your books sell the most? Do you know?



  1. Mine sell the most at Amazon and ARe. Not sure why, but those are my two best vendors. My self-pubbed books don't do great.

  2. My books sell best on Amazon too. Then Fictionwise, then maybe a tie between ARe and Barnes and Noble. I sell a couple on Bookstrand but they're at the bottom of the list next to the publisher's website. I've also noticed that my books at certain publishing houses sell better than books at other publishing houses. Don't know why. Maybe they're better known and get their name out there more. It is all very interesting to try to figure out though!

  3. I know someone who is doing exceptionally well as an self pub author for one of her books (her sales haven't transferred to her other books). Will I follow the same path? No. Her book is woman's fiction and I write YA. Very different audience right now when it comes to ebooks. Teens (my target audience) still haven't jumped on the aboard like adults have.