Monday, December 10, 2012

A great thanks...

I am overwhelmed with the amount of support  that all of the SCP authors received during our Wounded Warriors Blog Hop. When I signed up, I was extremely leery about getting thirty comments. On a normal day, I usually receive two. I already resigned myself to the fact that no matter what I was going to make my donation. Yes, I did get my normal commenters (love you two) but colored me shocked when thirty-nine other people also commented. It is a testament to people's passion about our former service members that this charity helps.

I have been a super bad blogger lately. In all honesty, blogging is last on my list but I am going to try to at least blog twice a week. If I do more, then I'll consider it a bonus.


Bound in Evil is finally completed. I sent it off to my editor and it topped the word count at fifty-five thousand words. The relief I felt was overwhelming yesterday. It's not that I didn't enjoy writing the book because I did. I actually think it's one of the best things I've ever written but I also found something out about myself. I don't like writing under a deadline. For most people, a deadline would spur them into action and help them write more. For myself, it creates a writer's blog so big you'd need Paul Bunyon's hatchet to chop through it.

So I'm going to breath for the next few days. My house looks like a bomb had hit it. I haven't cleaned in about two weeks. I love Mr. Marie but a housekeeper, he is not! There is not one Christmas decoration to be found. People on my block are going to start talking soon. I'm never this late with the decorations. Also forget about paperwork with the day job, it's going to take me until Christmas to dig out of that mess. Lastly, I'm going to read. I can't remember the last time I've read a book. I think as a writer, it's good to recharge the batteries by reading some good stories. Maybe that was part of my creative problems with writing this book. I was so focused on the writer in my that I neglected the reader and I think they go hand in hand.

So hopefully in the next two weeks, life will turn to "normal" for a while and then I'll start writing Bound in Deceit, Seth and Gemma's story.

Peace out,


  1. Congrats on finishing and sending off the book. I know how stressful it's been for you. Enjoy the holiday so you can start book 2. I'm excited at the length...good for you. :)

  2. YAY!!! I can't wait to read this one. I've been super eager since that little glimpse I saw. I spotted the cover for it on Dawné Dominique's cover art website! How exciting.

    I don't think I'd do good under a deadline either! But I'm glad you met your. Woot! In my house, I'm the messy one (yes, it's embarrassing), so I can't ever complain about a sloppy hubby (which is kind of aggravating!)

    I'm glad you met over 30 stops too! Congrats! And what a great cause.