Saturday, December 15, 2012

Five Favorite Things Holiday Hop

Raindrops on roses,
And Whiskers on kittens,
Bright copper kettles 
and warm woolen mitten
Brown paper packages 
Tied up with string
These are a few of my favorite things

Some of the Secret Cravings Publishing Authors are having a blog hop this weekend showcasing our favorite things. The last is one of our favorite books to give away. The hop will run today and tomorrow (the hubby's birthday!!!) You have many opportunities to win. First comment here to win a copy of my book Irish Rising. Then you have an opportunity to go over to the Secret Cravings Readers Page on Facebook to make a comment for a chance to win. Lastly, go over to the main SCP blog site to win. Wow! So much winner, just call us Oprah, of course without the vast quantities of money (Although Santa, I've been really, really, really good this year!!).

So we begins...

Favorite Food

This one is difficult because I love a lot of food. Food that's not good for you but if I had to narrow  it down to a favorite, it would be chips. Now you're saying, "Marie, that's not specific enough either." The thing is, I will eat any type of chip. I'm an equal opportunity chip eater. The hubby says, "If you were Superman, chips would be your Kryptonite." He's is totally correct. I don't even keep them in the house because I will go through them like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. I mean it. Don't even get me started on Doritos! I have literally made myself sick eating a whole bag. *Hangs head for a moment* Not my most "shiny" moment... oh well.

Favorite Place

My favorite place in the whole entire world is Disney World. Yes, you read it right, Disney World. My sister and I are two of those people if you gave them a trip every year, we'd be making the trek down south to visit Mickey and Minnie. My sister only decorates her Christmas trees with Disney ornaments, not to say I don't have my fair share. I love the hotels, the food, the rides. I don't even mind the heat in August. Although, when we went on our honeymoon it got extremely hot between the temperature and the humidity to try even the vast quantity of my patience. At one point, after an extremely long and hot day, we returned to the hotel. In the lobby, a child of twelve was having a meltdown in front of their equally hot and tired parents. At first, you felt sorry for the couple. NO one wants to have their older child have a meltdown in public. As we got closer, the kid picked it up a few notches, he started jumping up and down screaming at the top of his parents. "I WANT MORE MONEY." Well, maybe it was the heat, or the teacher in me that can't stand a bratty child but for some reason I felt the need to dispel some advice (those of you that know the real mean, know I'd rather swallow my tongue than do something like this.). My husband, sensing with his "hubbysense" must have realized I was going to do something terribly out of character, grabbed my hand and started dragging me through the lobby, a lot faster than my hobbit-size legs could go. As I was dragged by the chaos, I shouted out, "I wouldn't give that kid anything but a time out!" I was immediately put to bed with "heat exhaustion" but since it was the honeymoon, it totally worked out in my favor! ;) 

Favorite thing to do

It's really a toss up between writing and reading. Although, I do love a good movie marathon in there. I'm a creature of habit. Every time I veer out of my comfort zone, something happens. Really, I'm not making it up, "says the fiction writer". I tried camping and hiking. I went on a trip with my husband and brother two summers ago to the top of Mt. GETMETHEFUCKOFF. It was cold, even in August! The final bear in that coffin was when a bear walked through the site and banged on our food locker all night. When the sky finally began to gray with the first morning light, I demanded we break camp and go home. Sorry... my ideal vacation is above. I need a bed, someone to cook my food, and definitely no real bears taking stroll possibly eating a "Little Marie" in the middle of the night. I told my husband I will eventually try camping again but it will have to be at a safe campsite, with running water, showers, and real toilets. A woman has to have some standards!!!

Favorite person

My husband... aw... It's true. For all of the times, he totally frustrates me and makes me angry, he also makes me laugh. I truly married my best friend. I enjoy spending time with him above other people. Sometimes, I think my writing is the hardest on him. When I'm deep into a story, I totally ignore everything and that includes him. So, it's been almost a week since I sent off Bound in Evil to my editor. I've been spending a lot of time with him to make up for weeks and weeks of ignoring him and then falling into the bed for a coma-like sleep!!!

Favorite Book

Asking an author to choose their favorite book is like asking a parent to choose there favorite child. So, I'm going to highlight the book that never seems to get the same attention as the others. Maybe because it's the middle book right now, I really don't know.

Irish Rising

Famous romance writer, Kim Green went to Ireland with her two cousins to research the setting of her new book and have some quality girl bonding fun. She’s in the business of writing about love. She didn’t expect it find her on the street in a sleep Irish town with a sexy, “I want to drown in your chocolate eyes” pub owner.
Duncan Murphy never believed in the old family legend. The idea a trapped mermaid granted his family the ability to recognize their one true love was absurd to him until he spots a sexy American across the street from his pub. Something deep within him recognized her as his other half
They’re drawn together in an explosive first encounter. Life is blissful until a misunderstanding threatens to tear them apart. Is their fragile newfound romance something legends are made of or the misguided belief in an ancient fantasy? 

Comment to win a copy of Kim and Duncan's hot story. What are a few of your favorite things?

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All I can say is that Secret Cravings is the place to be this weekend!!!

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  1. You had me at chips...

  2. You had me at Disney! LOL It's my favorite place. We had a Mickey and Minnie topper on our wedding cake, bought at Disney in CA. We honeymooned at Disney in FL. :o)

    The winner of this book will be in for a sweet treat! Great book and awesome writer...and friend. Hugs

  3. Amber,
    I swear we were sisters in another life!!!!!

  4. I love the meltdown story and how your husband lured you away. LOL - Love the cover of your book as well.

  5. Anyone who doesn't love an Irish man, never has found one! I had this close friend who used to tell me tales of Ireland and his life growing up. I could sit and just listen to him talk for hours- and my phone bills proved it!

  6. Great list, here are a few of mine:

    1. my kindle
    2. my iPod
    3. Tea
    4. seeing my nieces smile/laugh
    5. my mom's cooking!


  7. Husbands can be so frustrating... but true love always prevails! Great list!


  8. I agree husband I would be lost without mine.

  9. writting and reading in the bath
    kaholgate at ymail dot com

  10. Good choices! What about chocolate covered potato chips? I had those once as a treat from a vendor and yum! Love your title and book cover. My 5 favorite things are listed on my blog and I won't bore you by repeating them here. I'll just mention one-- ginger cookies dunked in hot cocoa.

  11. Alright this was a tough one.
    1. My Digital Camera
    2. Iphone
    3. Kindle for reading
    4. Print books
    5. Theatre
    Thanks for the giveaways!


  12. My fave things include:
    Dark chocolate with mint
    My iphone
    My kindle

    dinbarrios at yahoo dot com

  13. 1. My son
    2. My DH
    3. Kindle Fire
    4. My PC
    5. My Books