Monday, January 30, 2012

Super bad blogger

I know I have been a super bad blogger lately. I am trying feverishly to finish to Saddle Up. It was supposed to be finished this weekend but I am only about three quarters finished. This was a goal that I imposed upon myself. It probably was unrealistic to begin with, especially taking on the college class at night. But I spent this weekend writing and added three thousand words to it. For once, I've actually mapped out the story, so I know where it is going. I feel really good about it. I just need to finish it. Hopefully I can send it off to my editor by the beginning of February vacation and the start on my Bound trilogy. Keep your fingers crossed.

I do have a funny mother story for you. I went to visit her this weekend and she decided to give me some writing advice. Here it is:

1. I should forget about writing "that sci-fi stuff" because no one is really interested in that type of story. I tried to tell her my new book is set in Ireland but I don't think she was hearing anything I said at the moment.

2. Stop writing erotica. No one wants to hear about every bit of sex explicitly. (Hmm... I don't have a problem with it!)

3. I should write for Harlequin. You haven't made it to my mother if you are not published by Harlequin.

4. I need to put more God in my stories. What she is really saying is that she would be proud of my writing if I wrote Christian inspirational love stories.

Hubby's response: There is God in your stories and it goes like this, "Oh God, oh, God, oh God..."

Where did I come from????


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I'm so far behind and extended. I have in my calendar that I should be finished writing Saddle Up by Sunday. Guess what? I'm am only half way through it! I am so far behind. It doesn't help matters that I took the university job again this semester. I know, I know. I vowed not to take it ever again but money won out. For some reason, my dollhouse house seems to be going through oil this winter like a bastard without really turning on the heat. I'm a little perplexed by this but since I really enjoy hot water, I have to do what I have to do.

I'm really starting to panic. I need to get this book finished soon to be on track for my Bound series!!!!!


Thursday, January 19, 2012


I will admit, I have been a terrible blogger lately. It's been a little crazy around here. But I have some news to announce.

First off, I just heard from my editor on Irish Rising. I will soon be getting the first rounds of edits on the book. It is due on February 18th. So, it might be coming out as early as the end of next month. I think I'm going to change the male characters name. Even though I got the inspiration in the Irish pub here called Aidan's and then named the character that, I want to avoid the references to Nora Robert's Irish Trilogy. I was thinking about Duncan or Colin. What do you think?

Secondly, I just signed a new three book deal with Secret Cravings Publishing. The new books are going to be an erotic paranormal trilogy set in a sleepy seaside town of Massachusetts. The first book, tentative called Bound in Evil is mapped out and the first chapter written. I'm very excited about this one.

Thirdly, I am definitely writing again. I'm writing every free moment and it feels wonderful!

That's it for now! What exciting things are happening with you?


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I was going to blog this morning but I found out my Twitter account has been hacked. So my writing time is taken away from me by these assholes!!!

May they rot in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Want what you can't have

You ever notice, what you want the most sometimes you can't have? This is becoming evident the more and more I'm on this diet. Is it working? Yes it is. I am closing in on twenty pounds right now. It's funny the more weight I lose, it becomes more and more evident to me, the more weight I need to lose. How did I allow myself to get this way?

I could blame medication. For the past few years, I have been shot up with every type of hormone medication to try and have a baby. Not only didn't it work, but it left me with a residual thirty pounds on my already overweight body. I would like to blame all the weight on this but I really can't.

I could blame genetics. I take after my mother. She was extremely skinny until her thirties and then she started to gain weight. For my whole entire life, she has been overweight.

But the fact of the matter is, my husband and I love all the bad types of food. I love buffalo wings with blue cheese, french fries, burgers, pizza... I could go on and on. Every pay day, we would get take out from the pizza place up the street. I wouldn't get a salad, I would get something fried. All I can blame is me for the situation I am in.

So it took the possibility of being the fattest people in wedding photos to motivate us to lose weight. But do you realize how many fast food commercials there are on tv. Over the weekend, we counted. In the five commercials between show segments, there are three for food. There is a reason we are the fattest nation in the world and commercialism plays upon it. It's very easy to diet when I'm at work. There is nothing else for me do or eat but at home this weekend. I wanted every type of junk food available. It is crazy. I wanted what I couldn't have.

So KFC, leave me alone! I'm on the juice!!!!


Friday, January 6, 2012

So tired today

I am so tired today, so this blog is going to be incredibly short. I just want to give a status update. As of today, my weight loss is 15 pounds. Yes, you read it correctly! I can't believe it myself. I'm am half-way to my first wedding goal. I originally wanted to lose 30 pounds by my friend's wedding in New Jersey. I think my diet is going well! The thirty is also half way to the 60 pounds I want to lose by July.

I am writing again which is super exciting. I am working on two WIPs. I also did a major newbie mistake. I didn't realize you can pitch an idea for an unfinished series to your publisher. So once, I did realize it, I pitched a 3 book paranormal story. No word yet but I will keep you updated.

Peace out,

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year all!!!!

Happy New Year! After a rocky start, I had an absolutely wonderful vacation. The biggest accomplishment for this vacation is that I wrote practically every day, which is a big feat for me. I actually have 3, yes 3, WIP going on right now. At first, I thought it would be hard to keep them straight but now, I kind of like the process. When I get tired of one, I move on to the next. One is the sequel to Fated Mates. It's funny because in this one I introduced a huge villain and it's a lot darker. The villain and the heroine have come to me and I see them fully formed but the hero is dragging his feet.

The second WIP I'm working on is my first paranormal. I'm excited about this one. It's been a story I've been kicking around for a long time.

The third is a cowboy-cougar romance that I started last year and I decided to finish it. This is the one I'm extremely excited about now.

So that's what's happening in my writing world right now. On the personal front, the hubby and I are on a diet. We watched Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead on Netflix before the holiday's and it really impacted us. So for Christmas, we invested in a good quality juicer machine. We are on the juice and it's not as easy as Joe Cross portrays in the documentary. You are hungry all the time and now matter how many lemons and ginger you put in the mix, you are still "eating" or should I say drinking a whole platter of vegetables a day. Some days are better than others. I've lost 10 pounds already which keeps me motivated. Since my weight loss goal for the year is 50 lbs. I do have two weddings to go to and I refuse to be the fat girl in the family pictures any more!!!

Any goals for this year yet?