Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Are you ready for some football???

I would like to welcome Jean Joachim, the multi-published author of the First &Ten Series (Football Romance), Contemporary, and Military Romances. If that's not enough, she also writes Romantic Suspense and Sweet Romances. 

Boy, do I feel like a slacker! All kidding aside, Jean is here today to introduce us to two of her books and the hunky football players who excite our lives with their stories. Ever wonder or dream about what type of lives these professional football players live? I know I do and getting to know these characters gives us just a bit of taste of what it would be like to live in their world.

   1. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate, or course. 

   2.     Airplane or train?      Train, I take too many planes.

   3.     Walking or driving?  Driving.

   4.     Red or Blue?              Blue, a boy color.

   5.     Country or Rock?     Rock.

   6.     Dog or cat?                 Dog. Pug to be exact. 

   7.     Lemonade or Iced Tea?  Girly drinks. Beer for me.

   8.     Vodka or Whiskey?    Whiskey. Man's drink.

   9.     Mounds or Almond Joy? What are those? Are they dirty?
           Uh, if it's body parts, mounds, for sure. *laughs*

   10.   Action movies or Thrillers? Action.

   11.   Men – brunette or blond?    Brunette, like me.

   12.   Women – brunette, blonde or redhead? Lauren's a brunette.

   13.    Steak or lobster?  Steak - man food.

   14.    French fries or Salad? Are you kidding me? Fries, definitely.

   15.    Pistachios or Peanuts?  Peanuts.

   16.    Beer or Wine? Beer, of course.

   17.    Beach or Mountains? Both.

   18.    Oatmeal or scrambled eggs? Eggs. Oatmeal is for pussies.

   19.    Sausage or Bacon? Both.

   20.    Pretty or Witty? Both - that's Lauren. Sexy, too. *laughs*.


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1. Chocolate or vanilla? 
Strawberry. I like to be different. 

2. Airplane or train? 
Airplane. I hate to waste time.

3. Walking or driving?  

4. Red or Blue?  
Green. I like to be different, remember?
5. Country or Rock? 

6. Dog or cat? 
Dogs. Big ones. Retrievers. 

7. Lemonade or Iced Tea?  
Girl stuff.  Beer or Scotch.

8. Vodka or Whiskey? 
Vodka. Straight.

9. Mounds or Almond Joy? 
Whose mounds? Samantha’s? All right!

10. Action movies or Thrillers? 
Action all the way.

11. Men – brunette or blond? 
Neither. I don’t swing that way.

12. Women – brunette, blonde or redhead? 
Brunette, like Sam.

13. Steak or lobster?  
Both. Bring it on, I’m hungry!

14. French fries or Salad? 
Is this a trick question? Fries, of course.

15. Pistachios or Peanuts?  
Pistachios. Different, remember?

16. Beer or Wine? 
Beer. On tap.

17. Beach or Mountains? 
Beach. Love to swim.

18. Oatmeal or scrambled eggs? 
Eggs. Oatmeal? Mushy. Ugh.

19. Sausage or Bacon? 
Both, with those scrambled eggs.

20. Pretty or Witty? 
Smart & pretty, like Samantha. Sexy, too. 


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Now I'm definitely intrigued. If you want to check more of her books, you can contact her via her website.

Thanks again Jean! We're glad you stopped by today.


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  1. Thanks so much for having the guys on there today, Marie. Love your beautiful blog!