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Please Help Me Welcome Virginnia de Parte

VIRGINNIA DE PARTE has republished her popular Sci.Fi/Paranormal Romances as two anthologies. They had many great reviews but these were lost when Secret Cravings Publishing closed.
Although books 1 – 4 have some sex scenes book 5 is a sweet romance.

Volume One of The Future Movers Series has three books:
Love’s Bright Star
Book One
Siobhan, a g-alter with cat genes, is rescued from a nightclub attack by James Corban, mathematician and time-stopper. These two genetically altered people are attracted to each other but have to learn to trust another person. Siobhan breaks James’ trust with dire consequences and he needs to find a way to protect her and their child. This involves abandoning Siobhan temporarily to divert the Defense Department’s. He has to stop time again to meet with her and again in a life-changing moment for both of them when the safety of all three of them is at risk. Their romance has great highs and lows and is the beginning of The Future Movers series.

Love’s Red Heart
Book Two
While on holiday in the Red Desert of Australia Jillian Corban meet Dr. Michael Scott. Although attracted to each other he rejects her because of a promise he has made to his grandmother – not because she has chameleon genes. He later asks for her assistance with his research among the Aborigines. Jill has to weigh her wounded pride against her nursing training and ideals. Together they work their magic and try to keep out of the clutches of the Defense Department who are always looking to conscript genetically altered citizens who have talents useful to the safety of the country.
Follow them though the heat of the Red Desert and see if love can overcome promises and prejudices.

A Talent for Loving
Book Three
Talents come in many guises.
William and Belinda, two genetically altered individuals meet years after leaving the government-rearing nursery for genetically altered infants. Their late development allowed them to escape a life devoted to the government's defense departments. If their skills are now discovered they are in danger of conscription by the government.
William, whose talent is to move through space between locations in the blink of an eye, has devoted his life to protecting other ex-nursery adults. Belinda occasionally uses her talent, lifting objects of great weight with her thoughts. Their meeting leads to love and a raft of problems both struggle to overcome.
Can they trust each other enough to allow love to bloom? Can they risk the renewed attention of the Defense Department? A  Talent for Loving explores an alternate reality and discovers the one talent neither Belinda nor William can control - love.

Volume Two of The Future Movers Series has two books”
Book Four
Stella Corban’s choice is hard - fall in love and endanger her genetically altered family, or lose the one man who makes her heart joyful. For three generations they have avoided the notice of the Department of Defense and its compulsory conscription, but Matt’s acquaintance with the Minister of Defense frightens Stella into avoiding any further contact with him.
Matt Saunders is not a man to be thwarted. He knows Stella is the woman he wants, and he pursues her from the outback to the city and beyond.
The battle between protecting her family and attaining her heart’s desire turns Stella’s world upside down. Would discovering her talents shatter Matt’s passion? Can he be relied on to keep a secret? Can she risk her safety and the whole family’s security by falling in love, or will a life-threatening event remove any choice she had?

Romancing the Memory Collector
Book Five
KATE BENTLEY, is short-sighted but too vain to wear glasses. When she is tossed backward by the up-escalator at Sydney Airport she is rescued by THOMAS WINTERS. She falls for his kindness and melted-chocolate voice and doesn’t notice his lined face or the double-chins caused by his blood-hound genes.
For Thomas, single and lonely, meeting Kate is the chance of a lifetime. Shy and hesitant, Thomas courts her with gentle determination.  When he discovers she can see memory bubbles and collects them to return to her father’s failing mind he suspects she could be g-altered. He asks his old friend WILLIAM CORBAN to investigate.
Their romance falters when Thomas adopts SUZIE, a genetically-altered child from the “Nursery” where he grew up. A misunderstanding on Kate’s part sees her cut Thomas from her life, but when her father, COLIIN BENTLEY, wanders from the house she turns to Thomas, and his dog Buster, for help. Colin is eventually found with the assistance of Thomas’ genetically-altered friends.
Kate realizes her future is tied to this gentle man who has won her heart - but has she left it too late?

VIRGINNIA HAS A BLOG on which the first chapters of each of the above five novels can be read.
The Future Movers anthology, volume 1,  books 1 – 3
The Future Movers anthology volume 2, books 4 & 5.

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  1. Fascinating stories and a lovely cover. Shared! M. S. Spencer