Monday, July 18, 2011

When is it too much?

As the years pass by, I more and more enjoy "Cougar" stories. Maybe it's because I am around the age of the characters in the books, I don't know but as I reader, I can't get enough of them. As a writer, I'm not ready to write one yet.

So this weekend, while I was avoiding writing (Yes, I said it!), I was surfing the net reading headlines that caught my attention. There has been one out there that I have seen a lot late. So I finally decided to check it out. "Lost star 51 marries 16 year old." I am a huge fan of the show Lost. I used to follow it religiously, read everything written about it, and have weekly discussion with my friends about it at lunch. Anyone who's wrinkling their nose at this, I know you have similar conversations about American Idol, Survivor, and etc. So don't judge. 

As a reader and writer, I can suspend my belief in a lot of things. With this, I have hit the so-called proverbial "brick wall". Here was this man and "woman" talking to a reported from GMA about their "love story". I am going to rewrite the previous sentence to make more sense in my mine. Here is this old pedophile and a child talking about their illegal/immoral union. Except, here's the kicker, it's not illegal. The reason that it is not illegal is that her parents "gave their blessing" for this relationship. This man also did his research and took "the child" to a state that legally allowed this crime, just as long as the parents approved. 

First of all, what is wrong with these parents? How could they possibly approve of this situation? Personally, I want to call Child Services on their ass. They don't deserve children and possibly should have state ordered sterilization because they should not ever be allowed to breed again.

Secondly, the girl looks like a stripper. I am sure that I am not the only one who wants to scrub off all of the make-up off of her face to and put her in a pair of jeans, instead of her stripper garb. I want to send her off to the nuns to knock some sense into her. "I'm a very old soul," she giggled through the interview. Honey, if you truly were a very old soul, I can tell you that you wouldn't giggle while you discussed it! At sixteen years old, I don't even think that I was ready to date. I was writing fan fiction about how I wanted to meet and fall in love with John Taylor from Duran Duran at the time. Scandalous at the time considering he was ten years older than me. If ever in the universe my sixteen year old self actually met John Taylor, and he ever flirted with her, she would have been struck dumb and run home on rubbery legs as fast as her legs could carry her. No way, no friggin' how!!!!

Thirdly, this man just makes me sick. Let's never mind that I don't know what small role he played in Lost, it must have been so small and insignificant that it escapes memory but he actually makes me want to vomit. How sick and delusional, do you have to be to convince yourself that what you are doing is right? I can't even go on, I feel my cereal coming up on me!

There are limits where the age gap is just too much! Just a rule of thumb, when you are older than your bride's father, it shouldn't be considered a May-December romance; it should be illegal!

Peace out,


  1. I was/am a huge Lost fan too. I do not remember him either! LOL He left quite the impression, huh? Anyway, this union makes me ill too. I would never give any of my daughters permission to marry someone old enough to be their grandfather.
    I watched the GMA interview last week and said to my DH, she looks like a porn star. Licking her lips while he's talking, like she's going to pounce on him. I wanted to reach through the television and slap her, tell her to grow up.

    But as for reading cougar stories I love them if the hero and heroine are about 10 years apart. I love to write them too.


  2. Eww. That kind of story makes me throw up a little in my mouth. But yeah, I agree. The parents are ca-razy.

  3. I'm not sure who I want to slap more. Her parents should be thrown in jail for this. IT's just plain sick.

    Oh, and I had a mega crush on John Taylor, too, in high school. What a blow to my ego when he only dated top models. Now, I couldn't imagine dating someone 10 years older (or younger) than me. :P

  4. Wow, just wow. Wonder if money speaks louder than conscience in some parents. Wow.

    Yes, I think that carries the cougar law a little bit too far. I agree.