Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Congrats to Miranda Stowe!

Congrats to Miranda for a great review in the JERR newsletter!!!

Title: Framed as a Killer 
Author: Miranda Stowe
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Reviewer: Kendra Edens Rating: 4 Stars
Heat Level: H

Paige Bromin has been in love with the town outcast for years, coveting him from afar. Her self image is less than positive so she has no reason to believe her object of affection would want anything to do with her. But a “witch” told her fortune years ago, she would save her true love. So when Court Lawson is suspected as the town serial killer, Paige makes her move, risking everyone and everything she holds dear to champion Court. But things aren’t as they seem and Court has secrets he vows never to reveal. The difficulty begins when the elusive Snatcher remains uncaught and Court becomes determined to help with the capture.

As the third book in the Snatcher series, it was an unexpected surprise for me. I enjoyed the first book, but faltered in my enjoyment just a bit with book two, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with Framed As A Killer. I am pleased that I continued to read this series. Ms. Stowe changed things up a bit by combining a slight touch of the paranormal with a love that had been growing for years. Paige’s conviction that Court is innocent, paired with Court’s natural distrust of anyone, adds conflict and chemistry to this story. The intimacy was toned down comparatively speaking, but remained at a level that still added spice to the scenes. Additionally, Ms. Stowe answers a lot of questions presented within the first two books concerning Court, that were left open, leaving suspicion in the mind of the reader. All of the pieces fall into place with satisfying results. Sort of. The issue of the Snatcher remains somewhat unresolved, though I won’t explain how. Overall, Framed As A Killer is a terrific addition to the series continuing the Snatcher saga while wrapping the reader up in Paige and Court’s love story. As a reader, I spun 180 degrees from condemning Court in the previous book to championing this misunderstood underdog in desperate need of acceptance. Well played, Ms. Stowe.


  1. Wow, thank you!! I just saw this yesterday and was so excited. My good news always seem to come in pairs. This morning I just sold book 3 in my shifters series!! So I'm on cloud nine today.

    Thanks again for the shout out. You're a sweetie!