Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Villain-tines Day Weekend Blog Hop Special Guest Author Jean C. Joachim and Rex

I'd like all of you to give a warm welcome to my guests today.

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. I am giving away two copies of Now and Forever 3, Blind Love during this Blog Hop. The book is a stand-alone. You don’t need to have read the first two in order to understand and enjoy this one.
In honor of the Villaintine’s Day Blog Hop, Rex, the bad guy from Now and Forever 3, Blind Love has consented to be interviewed. Dave Williams, police chief in Willow Falls, has accompanied Rex here today.
Good morning, Rex. Let’s get started. *Rex leers at me, running his gaze up and down my body*. Been a long time, babe…heh heh. Okay, Rex, focus on the questions:
Why do you hate the hero/heroine? I hate Mac Caldwell because my girl, Deena, had it for him. She wanted to screw him. Broke my heart…bitch.
What do you want that the hero possesses?  His money! *laughs*, although I wouldn’t mind a roll in the hay with his sexy wife, Callie.

Did you have a good childhood? Next question.

What would your mother think of your behavior? None of your beeswax.

Have you ever been arrested? What for? *Laughs*, what do you think these cuffs mean? Think Dave Williams is here for nuthin’? Are you stupid or something?

Are you a white collar criminal? Nay, I prefer blue shirts. White shirts are boring, like stupid businessmen wear.

Are you simply misunderstood or just plain mean?
Do you think your life justifies your actions? Hell, yeah! The riches go to the smartest guys. And I was the smartest one for a long time. Cops couldn’t catch me for months! heh heh.

Do you own a gun? Not anymore. Used to own a Glock. Gotta watch your back in my business.

Have you ever killed anyone? I plead the fifth. Can she ask me that? *looks at police chief.*

Do you feel entitled to take whatever you want? Hell yeah. If you’re stupid enough to give me your money, why shouldn’t I take it? If you don’t want me on your neck, live a clean life. *guffaws* like people actually do that!

Do you care that readers may despise you? I get lots of fan mail in jail and a few offers for…uh, conjugal visits, if you get my meaning.

Did the author give you enough space in the book to tell your story? Maybe too much. A little less space and I’d still be a free man.

Do you want revenge on the author, too? Naw. That Caldwell guy gets his in the next book. You’ll see. Okay, okay, Jean, I’ll shut up.

Did someone break your heart, making you this way? Hell, everyone broke my heart. You don’t think I got this way from random acts of kindness, do you? *Scowls at reviewer.*
Okay, Rex. Thanks for your time. You can take him back, Chief Williams.

A little bit about the book
Can a handsome, charming, womanizing professor win the heart of a temporarily blind ballerina? Love and desire, blackmail and secrets come to Kensington State University. This full length novel is three parts love and passion mixed with one part intrigue, stirred up with a twist of mystery and heated up to three flames.

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  1. Oh, Rex sounds delightfully wicked! Looking forward to all of the books in this series:)

  2. Oooh, Shivers. Now that's a villain!! Thanks for sharing, Rex and Jean!

  3. sometimes the best villians are th eone who has secrets such as this villian in this book micheleann oboyle

  4. Thank you ladies. Rex wants to know if any of you...or better yet...all of you...are free tonight? He wants to take you to dinner and a strip club. I told him just dinner but he insists.

    Thanks for your comments, ladies, looking forward to gifting the winners. Don't forget to leave your email addys.

    1. tell rex if i wasnt married i sure would go to dinner with me villians gets their ways anyways that is hwy they are villians micheleann oboyle

    2. Rex was listening, Angels and now he's bugging me for your cell phone number!

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  6. What a fun way to get to know your book! Thanks for sharing this!

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