Friday, May 4, 2012

Villain-tines Day Weekend Blog Hop postponed

Boy, did I have to scramble this morning. Late last night, I received an email that the Villain-tines Day Weekend blog hop is postponed until the weekend of May 19th. It was a good thing the cat woke me up a few minutes early today. I still don't like the new blogger, so I had to rush and figure out how to reschedule the blog that I scheduled to go live at 4 am. Obviously, with much fumbling around I figured it out.

I want to wish everyone a good weekend.


  1. villains today? Okay, oh well. You have a good weekend too! Going to see The Avengers tonight???

  2. I'm actually going tomorrow to see it in the IMAX 3d. Have a good weekend Amber and Linda!

  3. The new blogger is frustrating me too. Somethings I love and some I could do without.

    I'm used to Blogger unscheduling my posts. Of course it never unschedules them when I need that to happen. Like when the internet goes down just before my post is scheduled to up and I can't blog.