Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Am I missing something?

All over facebook, people are posting, "Going for a mani/pedi", "a much needed mani/pedi". Ok, I have never had one in my life, and what would I have to do to post "going for a much needed mani/pedi"? Am I missing something. Is it a woman's right of passage to be going for these treatments at least once every two weeks? I don't know! I've made it forty-two years without getting one but is it me? Again, I don't know.

Should I start going? Are they really a big deal? I'm not thrilled about someone touching my feet. I'm extremely ticklish and barely allow my husband to touch them and we've been married for seventeen years. Now I'm expected to pay someone to touch them. Something about that doesn't jive with me. So basically, I've been polling people if they go for these services. The overwhelming answer is that I should go at least a few times per summer because my toes are exposed to the world in sandals. Are people really going to notice my toes? I can honestly tell you, I really don't notice someone's toes in shoes. I really don't!

Should I go and do it for my brother's wedding? The event is just over a month away. I can't tell specifics but OH HOW I WANT TO! The stories that are happening are classic!!! If I was every going to do it, I would do it for the wedding. Soon, I'm going to have to go dress shopping. My brother has asked me not to wear my usual black to his wedding, so I'm really going to have to stretch myself. The solace I feel right now is that my sister also hasn't gotten a dress yet. My SIL has and guess what color? LOL!!!

Peace out,


  1. My feet are very ticklish too. I get pedi's every summer. All summer long. I have a thing about my feet and feel like everyone is looking at them, because I like to be barefoot or in sandals.
    Can't do mani's. they make my fingernails all weak and brittle.
    Just my .02 :)

  2. I've never gotten a mani/pedi either. The only time I've gotten my fingernails done (overlays and french tips) was on the day before my wedding, so I guess if you're going to try it, a wedding is a good occasion!

    Being a farm girl, having nice finger and toes nails has never been a huge deal!