Monday, June 4, 2012

Where did the heat go?

I woke up this morning and it was COLD! Now that my body has acclimated itself to upper 60's when I get up, this morning at 50 degrees was jarring. I want the heat back. You will never hear me complain about being too hot. I love the heat but I seriously hate being cold. The weather this week doesn't look too promising through.

I am wicked happy with my writing this weekend. The muse is back in force but I am a super slow writer. What doesn't help matters is that I write out everything on legal paper before I type it on the computer. I know, I know, It would take a lot less time if I just typed it one time but when I sit at the computer to do that, I am automatically blocked and what I write is crap.

So because of the muse, I did nothing but write all weekend. There was no date night on Friday night, and no last meeting or RIRW. I made these decisions purposely because with my flighty muse, I have to write before she disappears again.

Congrats to Miss RI who became the first Rhode Islander to become Miss USA!!!

Peace out,

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  1. Hey, I was going to say congrats to Miss RI too! Oh well. Congrats to Marie Rose on regaining the muse!! So just how fast do you go through legal pads?