Friday, June 1, 2012

I vow

This weekend, I vow to get my writing life organized. Sometimes, it's extremely hard to keep up with all the blog hops, promos, loop chats... You get the picture. I honestly feel if I had some type of system for the organization of that part of my life, the writing part would get easier.

I used to be able to keep it all in my head. My head is failing me with some of these facts lately. Then I switch to putting everything in my phone. This was a big massive fail. You have to look at your calendar to know what you wrote in it. Of course, I could set an alarm for two days before an event but then I still wouldn't remember until the alarm went off. There's got to be a better system.

A few years ago, I became very friendly with an educational consultant who worked for my school district. It was an extreme good stroke of luck that she and her husband at the time bought a house in the next town, which I could run to, if I had any inclination to run (nope). They were from New York, so she would fill her house with people and we would have philosophical conversations about education and drink a lot of wine. For a brief moment in time, I felt like one of those people in a movie where the NY people meet in someone ultra classy apartment and had deep conversations about wine. What really impressed me about Ginny was her home office. It wasn't big. It wasn't classy, like the rest of her house. It had a very simple desk and many, many books but on one wall was nirvana. Her husband had converted one entire wall into a calendar. So she could see, very up close and visual, all the things that were due during the month. I coveted that wall. I think that's what I need. So this weekend, I'm going to ask the hubby to blow off the dust on the old tool belts, strap it on, and make me a wall calendar!

Ginny and her husband have since moved back to New York. There are so many things I miss about them. I especially miss the fact that I never took a picture of her wall calendar. Maybe, I'll ask her on facebook to send me a picture.

Maybe then my writing life can get organized! One can always hope...

Oh and by the way, in honor of Snow White and the Huntsman being released today, I proclaim tonight an official date night! I can't wait! There really is something about the guy who plays the Huntsman (Thor) that gets all my systems running on overdrive. He might actually be the first blond that I've been attracted to in my whole entire life!!

Peace out,


  1. LOL Funny I've always been attracted to blonds, but my husband is dark haired. :O) Enjoy the movie it looks great.
    Good luck with the calendar. It does sound intriguing.

  2. I love the idea of a wall calendar!! I'm now officially a Chris Hemsworth fan too! He was being interviewed on my radio station this morning. Love his voice...and his laugh. SIGH!!!
    Have fun on date night!