Thursday, October 21, 2010


Where has the week gone?  I have been so busy that I neglected this blog and most writing.  I am not proud of this!  But it has been one hell of a crazy week.  On Tuesday, I had a doctor's appointment, so I decided that I better do some additional leg shaving.  While shaving the back of my left thigh, I nicked a mole.  A river was flowing down my leg (not the good kind either).  For some unknown reason (I blame the husband), there was not a band-aid to be found.  The only thing that we had were huge CVS bandages.  So I slapped one on and went to bed.  In the morning, I took it off only to start bleeding again!  So again, I put on the huge bandage.  I'm surprise that during my appointment, it was not brought up.  The entire day and into the evening, it hurt and burned but since I wasn't going to home until late, I sucked it up.

When I finally got home, I asked my husband to remove the bandage and take a look at what was happening back there.  Well, when he ripped off of the bandage, all of my skin came with it.  I must be allergic to the glue.  So now, I have a wound and around it is a perfect 3x4 rectangular outline.  I have been branded.  I go to the doctor's again in the morning.  I am not getting out of a question this time.  All I have to say is,only me!!!

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  1. That doesn't sound like fun. Good Luck tomorrow.