Monday, October 11, 2010

Shaky start but solid ending

Well, I was all prepared to start writing early today.  All house work was finished.  Husband was sure to be sleeping for hours.  There was nothing that was going to stop me.  Of course, I had not planned on a neighbor starting a chainsaw at 7 am and continuing until 1pm.  It was so distracting that for a while all I could do was stare at the computer screen.  The noise also woke up the husband who had just gotten to sleep a few hours before.  You can see where this is going.  So I also had to deal with a very cranky man (In real life, is there anything but?), who couldn't understand why someone would want to cut down trees early on a holiday.  It's not like we live in the woods!  I still want to know what they could have been cutting for so long.

After a few hours of trivial drama, I finally settled down to do some serious writing.  It felt really awesome when the ideas flowed out into the computer.   Sometimes I am a traditionalist.  I tend to write things down on paper first.  I have not graduated to just typing my thoughts on the computer.  I know that I am probably wasting a lot of time but it is my process.  Who knows if what I am writing is any good???  I like it, but doesn't every writer think what they are writing is good and going to be published.  I know that is my hope.  For the next few days, I plan to put in a few hours of writing after work.  If I stick to my plan, my story will be completed by the weekend.  I know that it will give me a sense of accomplishment to finally complete it.  I have been working on it, part-time, for a very long time.  I also have so many other stories rattling around in my brain begging to come out.

I have plans to join the local chapter of romance writers in my state soon.  Hopefully, I will be able to workon my craft and get some feedback on what I have already written.

I have the itch, so I might put some more time in this evening but Dancing with the Stars is on tonight and I have to put in some work for the daytime job.

Peace Out,

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