Thursday, November 18, 2010


This morning for the first time in weeks I feel more like myself. I originally was kidding yesterday about a bath curing my writer's block but maybe I was on to something.  Last night after a heated discussion with the husband around why I should or should not take a bath, I did.  It was pure bliss. It felt purely orgasmic slipping into the steamy water. I eventually relaxed. Of course that was after my husband had to come into the bathroom to ask me a question. When he came in, one of the cats (The Dread Pirate Roberts, nickname Boo) came in after him and tried to jump in the tub with me.

When I finally settled in, I was able to think about the story that I started a few weeks ago.  I was able to envision the initial sex scene happening on an outside porch swing. Later today, I will start writing things down again.

So hopefully, the block is gone and I am back.  At least I am blogging again which I consider a good sign on the writing front.

Peace out,

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  1. Blogging is writing so it IS the first step. Glad to see you back again.