Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Can't sleep and a long day ahead

Hi all,
I know that I have been missing lately.  Things have been a little crazy in all aspects of "real" life, so I really haven't thought about writing.  What really scares me is that I REALLY have not thought about writing.  It is very unlike me not even to compose stories in my head as I am driving to school.  I guess, this could be called the"mother" of all writing blocks.  I hope that I will get back into the groove very soon.  I guess writing this blog today is a first step back towards my goal.

I also think that not qualifying for the writing contest really effected me.  I am not a person used to failure, which makes it so much harder for me when it happens.  Especially if I really believe in what I am doing and I really did believe in that story.  Well, that is water under the bridge.  I am planning to attend the local chapter of Romance Writers to surround myself with "people" like me.  Maybe that will be just the thing that I need right now.

Did I mention that I have now finished all of the laundry in the house?  I will be paying for it tonight when I am trying to teach undergrads at URI,  but right now I feel a sense of accomplishment.


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  1. Keep believing in yourself! The writing will come back. I've been blocked many times in my life.
    Hey, BTW...the meeting workshop will be on brainstorming. So if you're stuck on something there'll be lots of people who can help you along.
    Glad you're back.