Saturday, November 20, 2010

A royal wedding brings out the romantic in all of us

What is it about a royal wedding that has us all enthralled? I have to admit, it gives me a little thrill that there will be a wedding next year. I think that it really brings me back to the memory of my mother waking me up in the early morning to watch the wedding of Lady Di and Prince Charles.  We watched it on a very grainy tv but it was a special memory between the two of us.  She only woke me up to watch it with her, my brothers and sister remaining asleep throughout the event.

There is just something innately romantic about the whole royalty "thing".  Maybe it is because I am an American and we don't have official royalty. There is something mysterious about the whole thing.  I think that it is a romanticism of the fairy tales of our childhood. In modern society, I don't think that we believe that a prince will come and take care of us and all of our problems will be solved.  We live in a much too feministic society for that but it is the mystique and the romance of it that keeps us intrigued. We want to be swept off of our feet but we are also secure in our own lives to know that it is not the the ultimate culmination of our lives.

With that said, whatever date, I will be up and watching with stars in my eyes.

Peace out,

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  1. It was a fairy tale wedding, that's for sure. I'm looking forward to watching this one too. :)