Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I am up at the crack of dawn because I have to go to my sister's house to prepare the turkey.  Out of the two of us, I am the better cook but she has the house to accommodate the people.  Barbie's dream house is bigger than my house.  I don't usually care about this except around the holidays.  All of our apartments were bigger, so we would have people over.  I would take out the china and the crystal and cook up a storm.  I loved it.  Now I don't do it at all and I miss it.

Also, the husband is boycotting going to her house for dinner.  He has a lot of excuses- his back hurts, doesn't want to be around the kids (He has his reasons, he's not a bad guy.)... I understand them but I won't be able to fully enjoy myself knowing that he is at home, even though it is his choice.  I guess tomorrow, I will be cooking our own Thanksgiving dinner.  I don't do Black Friday.  I did it once with my mother and sister and thought that I was going to murder them around 5:00am when I was standing in a line at Toys R Us that seemed endless. 

Eat, drink, and enjoy your day,


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