Friday, August 5, 2011

I have an editor!

Yes. I, Marie Rose Dufour, have an editor. She e-mailed me and introduced herself Wednesday night. What was really exciting is that she informed me I could have my edits by Sunday. Wow. I had a feeling once they were working on the cover, the edits couldn't be far behind. I don't know how the whole process will work but I will be learning soon. She also told me that everything had to be in it's final copy for submission by September 19th. Very exciting.

It also brought to my attention that I might not meet my writing goal. My goal was to have two books finished and submitted by the time of the book release. I don't think I will make it. One will definitely be done and submitted but I might be half way through the third at that time. We'll see.

Just waved the husband off on his trip, he is going to be an extra in the new Batman film. It is being filled in Pittsburgh. He and a friend are driving ten hours to get there. All I can say is "no thank you". The one good thing about living in a small state is that I can travel anywhere in the state in under a hour. There are has to be some perks. If I was going on the trip, I would have flown. Sorry! I get car sick. If I text in the car, as a passenger of course, I get sick. If I look at a map, I get sick. Or a book..., you get the picture. I won't even tell you about my problem with drinking lemonade in a moving vehicle. Shudder! So I hope they have a good time! Me, I am trying to decide if I should go to bed and get a few more hours of sleep before I call the oil company because "oops", I forgot to order oil. During the summer, I just never think about it. At least it will be corrected by the time the husband gets home. I hate the lectures. I just received one from my mother. Not pleasant, I wonder if the lectures ever stop no matter how old you are.

Peace out,


  1. Oh, thank goodness, I'm not the only one that gets "you forgot again" lectures. Whew. It's a nasty writer's hazard, huh?

    I think that would be so cool to be an extra in a movie. Maybe we'll get to see his elbow or something. Totally Cool. But yeah, if you had to have car sickness to get there, no thanks. I'm sure lemonade tastes better going DOWN!

    Congrats on the editor. You're just cruising along. I'm going to have to get you interviewed on my blog, like, pronto!!

  2. I'm glad my husband doesn't lecture me because I forget stuff all the time.

    Sounds like a fun time being an extra. I'm like you I get terrible car sickness, but I did the Pittsburgh trip last October on the way home from RomantiCon. We went to Hard Rock Cafe. Long ride. :)

    Congrats on the editor. You'll be done with the edits before you know it. Let me know if you want an interview on my blog. I'd be happy to have you!


  3. I know what you mean when you say everything is new. I've been assigned an editor for two months now, but no edits have come in yet. They haven't even started working on my cover and there's no release date. But I'm sure that will all come in time.

  4. First of all, congratulations on meeting your writing goal! And also for having your editor!
    This whole process is a blast, isn't it? A wonderful experience!
    Cool about your husband being an extra in the Batman film!
    And...hugs for having to endure lectures.
    Enjoy your alone time!