Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tickled pink

Now let's get something straight, I wrote a story that someone liked and it's going to be published. My cover is kick-ass but I am only a person who wrote a story. This is how I feel, or I should say used to feel. Getting the cover the other day has invigorated my writing. As much as it can with giving pd at work for six hours a day. The first day, I came home and fell into bed. I was asleep by 7:30!!!

So now, I am invigorated but have no time to write. It is very frustrating when the muse is around and you only have time to write a few hundred words a day but at least it is better than nothing. I am also a slow writer, a more accomplished writer may write a thousand to my mere hundreds, but oh well! Can't change who I am. Despite all of the obstacles, Irish Rising is coming along nicely and other stories and clamoring to get out. I am so excited to start meeting these new characters! Since IR is going so well, I contacted my editor contact at SCP to see what I do when I'm finished. Do I submit it to the general submission e-mail or to a certain publisher. I haven't gotten the edits on Fated Mates yet, so I don't know who my editor will be. When her response came in, I couldn't have been more floored if real aliens finally did land in my backyard. She told me that I could totally submit it to the general e-mail but considering that I was an "established author", I should just by-pass that and submit it to her. You read it right. She called me an "established author"! I think I danced and giggled around the house for hours after this. WOW! I don't feel it yet. Maybe after a few more books, I will actually feel like an author but I couldn't help doing the Snoopy dance because of it!!

I am hoping to get some good writing time in this weekend. I am sending the husband off to be an extra in the upcoming Batman movie shooting in Pittsburgh. So I will be a free lady for three whole days this weekend. The plan is to write, write, and write. Let's see if I can finished IR by the end of the weekend!

I'm off now to do some prep for another six hours of pd today. Yesterday, I thought my feet were going to revolt being in high heels for so long, considering they have been in flip flops for weeks now.

Oh, stay tuned for more wedding drama later in the week. It is coming so fast and furious, I can't write about it all. Let's just say, I am not going out to look for a dress for a while!!!

Peace out,


  1. Hugs and enjoy the wonderful feeling. Every step in the production is one more beautiful level of excitement!

  2. Congrats on the "established writer." That is soooo cool. But I knew exactly what you mean. I've held my published paperback in my hand, pressed my nose to the pages and enhaled, and I still don't feel like no "author". AUTHOR is merely that dream label you wish to aspire to.

    Yikes, on the wedding. Not sounding good, unless maybe the two are simply thinking about running off together and eloping.