Monday, August 22, 2011

The weight has lifted slightly

Yesterday, I finally sent for my second round of edits. My addition to the word "that" has been overcome. When I first started the edits, I used the word over three hundred times. I whittled the word down to a lean nineteen by the end of the editing process. Unfortunately trying to change "was" proved ultra difficult. Rewriting sentences allowed me to get the usage down to more than half of what I had previously but the word is still there. I don't think you can ever totally eradicate the word from a piece of writing. So now the wait will begin to see if my editor likes the changes or not. I am looking forward to start writing again. While I was doing the edits, I couldn't think about doing anything else. Maybe I'm not as good a multi-taskers as I thought I was. (See!) So Aiden and Kim's story will continue to be written. I want to have it subbed out by the time Fated Mates is released.

I came across a picture that gave me some inspiration yesterday, so I will leave it with you.

Peace out,


  1. I love this picture!

    No you can't totally get rid of "was". Hopefully if you get edits back again they won't be too bad.


  2. Yum! Love that picture.

    Congrats on finishing the edits. I'm bad with WAS; you're right. It just can't be totally deleted. Sometimes a line just sounds better with it.

  3. You know, 'was' is a word. LOL...Unless it's struck from the English language completely, it will always be a word. Poor little 'was' fights so hard to maintain its standing as a part the world's vocabulary. LOL...

    Good for you on the edits...and love the pic!