Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Fated Mates release day has been pushed up. It is now 10/18/11! I am so excited. So I'm am going to have to start promo-ing the crap out of it very soon. I can't wait to see the final product and write my dedication. To me writing a dedication is so important and meaningful, especially in your first book. I also have to seriously gather information on how to do a book trailer. Don't know if they help selling any books but it couldn't hurt, right? The hubby's friend is a musician and write a song for it. There are part that I am going to use that are exceptions. All based on the assumption that I can do it. Technologically, I am not that advanced. If I make any money, I'm going to pay someone to revamp my website. It is crude and I don't really like it. Again, this is something that is beyond my capabilities. This is not knocking myself, I just know my limitations.

Funny thing happened, I checked my bank account and the charges for the rat trap hotel have disappeared. They money is no longer on hold and it has totally disappeared. I haven't even complained yet.'s a mystery.

I have to go and move more boxes at work today, not really looking forward to it. I thought by now I would have heard something for the new job I interviewed for but nothing! To me, I almost want to withdraw. I am already in the zone with the district that I'm currently working in. I have just giving 36 hours of professional development since last week. So I feel invested again.

Peace out,


  1. Congrats on the release date being moved. Drop by my blog any time to promo! :)


  2. Hopefully the hotel money stays disappeared! Congrats on the new release date! How exciting. And good luck with the jobs and book trailers.

  3. Yeah about the book being moved up!
    And..weird about the hotel.
    Hope the box moving wasn't too bad and you're rested up!