Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

Hi all,
I hope all of you are enjoying a long and restful Labor Day Weekend. My house has almost recovered from being without power for days and days, all except the kitchen. To be honest, my kitchen is always the last room to recover from anything, basically from life. The is because I despise doing dishes. When I say despise, I don't even think it's a strong enough word for how I feel about dishes. Every other type of housework, I actually find theraputic. I don't mind cleaning the bathroom, dusting, vacuuming, and even the litter box but there is something about dishes. The last apartment we had before the house, I picked solely because it had a dishwasher. It is one of my dreams to own another dishwasher again. Sounds simple but I assure you it's not. My house doesn't have a dishwasher, so there would be construction involved in getting one, cutting the cabinets, putting in new water and electrical lines. Also due to the size of the kitchen, I would need a small dishwasher and not a normal size one. You would think the smaller version would cost less than the bigger version but au contraire my friends, it costs about double. You see it is special. So I still wait. Ho hum..

Isn't it like this with anything that you don't like to do? Putting something off, until it just HAS to be done. Do you ever get that way with your writing? Does it come to a total stop if things aren't going the way you have planned? Sometimes a break brings clarity and rejuvination, sometimes it's needed for sanity. Don't feel sorry for the breaks, they are there for reasons!

Peace out,


  1. I'll make a deal with you I'll do your dishes and you can do all my other housework. I don't mind doing dishes because I tune everyone out. I hate doing all the other stuff. :)

    I procrastinate with everything..DH hates that about me. Love me or hate me, it's who I am. lol


  2. Good luck with the dishwasher! And I'm glad you're power is...mostly..restored.

    Yes, it does get that way with the writing. I was on a roll and Ugh.

    Enjoy the rest of the holiday..dishesless. (not a word, I know, I know..LOL)

  3. When I was first married, the house we lived in for about seven years had no dishwasher, so I totally understand. When we started building the new house, the first thing I demanded was a dish washer. Then the kid was born and we had to wash bottles by hand. Ugh. It will never stop, will it?