Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where does it come from?

I think asking a writer where her ideas for a story come from is a very easy question but what about where does your writing come from? Did you always know you wanted to write?

I have to say, I always knew I would eventually be a writer. When I say writer, I mean I would always write stories down. Very happily, Fated Mates found a publishing home at Secret Cravings Publishing. In my head, I am constantly coming up with stories. It never stops. Some might say, I am alway dreaming with my head in the clouds. They might be right because I am always dreaming. Sometimes, its the characters that come to me first. Dragon, my lead character in Fated Mates came out of one of my "daydreams" fully developed. All of a sudden he was there. It took me a long time to finally put his story down on paper. Other times, the stories come to me and I have to flesh them out. Fated Mates was always conceived to be the first in a series. The universe is vast and there are many stories out there. So I would have to say that Dragon actually pushed me to "become" a writer. He wouldn't leave me alone. I guess he really wanted his story told. It was like a nagging and the only way to stop was to write it down. If you get what I mean. I am happiest when I'm writing. The only bad thing is that I am not a fast writer. I strike when the moment hits me. I am hoping to get myself into a schedule now that work has calmed down for a bit. To ensure I get quality writing time in, I am going to start to leave for work a little earlier. I can then shut myself in my office and do some writing before school starts. I've been trying it out for the last few days and it seems to be working. At home, I get distracted all the time.

Another tidbit about myself is that whenever I hear music, I create dance in my head. Sounds crazy but it's true. Music to me means dancing. I danced for over twenty years and spent one year with the Festival Ballet of Rhode Island. I would have continued but unfortunately I don't have a ballerina's body. The director at the time pulled me over and told me I was a beautiful dancer but would never make it beyond just being "good" because my body was more suited for the Foxy Lady not the Festival Ballet. The Foxy is the local "famous" strip club in the city. Mind you, this was about twenty years ago when my body was in top form, not bloated from years of medications. It was the end of my dancing career but it doesn't change the fact that dancing, like writing comes from my soul. Things that come from the soul can never be removed, they are essential like breathing.

I'm off to get ready to go to work. Tell me why you write.

Peace out,


  1. I've been making up stories since I was a little kid. My poor childhood friends. lol
    Though I never dreamed of being a writer. I went to school for interior decorating, then switched gears to accounting. I work in the accounting field for a long time until one day after reading a book I thought, "hey I can do this probably better." Boy was I foolish.
    Glad I made the step though because I haven't looked back and couldn't imagine life without writing. Oh wait it's been some time. ;)
    Some day I'll return.
    I'm hoping to read your book this weekend!!!


  2. I tried to comment yesterday, but blogger wouldn't take my oh-so beautiful words! The jerk.

    Can't remember what I said, now. But I pretty much agreed with your "I write because it's like breathing for me" comment. Happy Friday.

  3. I never really thought I'd be a writer, to be honest. I always loved it, but the thought of learning the craft seemed insurmountable. I'm glad I got over that!