Monday, September 12, 2011

A little perplexed

Friday evening I received my almost final proof in my inbox. There were a few things I needed to change. I switched point of view a few times in various scenes, which were extremely easy fixes. I turned them into dialogue. See, I'm learning the craft! The last final comment with the story although has me perplexed in a big way. Dragon has thrown Liz over his shoulder and he is stalking to the bathroom to take a shower together, end of scene. The editor wants me to put "a bit more dialogue" at the end. I honestly have stared at this one scene all weekend long not know what dialogue would fit there. I don't want to sound like the total newbie that I am but I might have to e-mail her and ask her what she has in mind because I am stumped!

I had a little "writer anxiety" over the weekend. Here I am doing all of this work. I wrote a story, done revisions, edits, and now final edits. Now, I am asking myself is what if no one buys my book? I understand Fated Mates won't make me rich but what if no one likes it but me? These are just thoughts running through my head. It will probably get worse as the month passes by and we are closer to the release date.

Peace out,


  1. Sounds like you might have to email the editor. She will appreciate that your doing your best to work with her than just flat out refusing to address her concern. She may even help you brainstorm. I'm lucky enough to have an editor who loves to brainstorm if I need help.
    As for the nervousness...that's normal. Sales may be slow at first, but they pick up. Just keep up your presense on the loops like you have and people will buy!


  2. Well, first of all. There is no such thing as 'nobody likes my book' any longer because someone liked it enough to buy it and publish it.

    And, yes, you certainly should speak to your editor. This is your story, you had a reason for not putting dialogue there, and you have the right to stand by it.

    Good luck! And you book will over well, I just know it!

  3. Yep, what everyone else said. You'll do fine. There's lots of times I ask for clarification or ask what an editor had in mind when they make a request.

    Good luck.

  4. I think everyone has those fears at some point! I'd definitely ask your friend what she has in mind. Not everyone will have the same vision for a how a book or scene should go. Make sure the advice speaks to you. Glad to have discovered your blog! New follower here:)

  5. I've had that issue with beta readers. They want my dialogue at the end of the scene, and I was stummped about what to write. Good idea to ask your editor.