Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend plans

Today I have a day off from work. It is a professional day in my district and by some stroke of the fates, I neither have to take any or give any today. I am extremely happy about this. Can I have a whoo-hoo for a long weekend? Even if I hadn't been working my ass off, I still would be happy.

This weekend I NEED to finish Irish Rising, I have so many other stories rattling around in my head but I'm one of those people that really needs to finish one project before I start another. It doesn't help that I am a slow writer. I just have about three chapters left before it is finished. So I hope this is a realistic goal.

One goal that has to be completed is the cleaning of the house. I have neglected the housework so much that I would throw myself in front of the door if anyone wanted to come it. It truly is that crazy right now. So the minute I stop typing, I'm going to get started. I should be done in a few hours and then I'm left to writing all weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Peace out,


  1. I have to prepare to return to work after 8 weeks off. Wahhhhhhh!!! lol

    Enjoy the long weekend. You deserve it.


  2. wish I had something big going on- alas, we've got doctors appointments and parent teacher meetings for the kids. FUn fun!

  3. Good luck on that story. If I were you, I'd work on that and forget that house. I hate cleaning, BLUCK.

    It's my town's homecoming this weekend, so if my kid isn't sickly tomorrow, I'm taking her to the parade!

  4. I have some laundry to finish and I'd like to go visit my mom but I also need to get back to painting ceilings in our house. 8(

    Good luck with your story!

  5. You sound EXACTLY like me.

    I love writing, querying not so much. So I'll find every excuse I can to delay doing what I dislike the most. :D

    And I can only work on one project at a time, too.