Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am not a good juggler!

I have to say since school started I haven't written a single word.I am not a good juggler. Lately, all of my time has been taken up with work. Who says that teachers have an easy job. Yesterday, I left my house at 6am and came home at 4. I was so tired I picked up Burger King which was not a good idea because I need to lose weight. I gained 20 pounds this year because of some medication I was on. My concession was that I bought a veggie burger. Good Choice? Just lie to me!!! After I inhaled my food because I didn't have time to eat during the day, I started working again until 9 when I purposefully put it away to go to bed. I could have continued working but I was beat. I still am! So I am sooooo feeling guilty about not writing one word in my WIP for a week. I want to but am just so exhausted from work.

How does someone hold a full-time job, manage a house, and have a writing career? Is it even possible? If it is, give me the words of wisdom because all of my juggling balls are on the floor!

Peace out,


  1. For a time I managed a full time job, full time night classes and managing a house, with no help from my ex. Until I got really sick and wound up in the hospital for a month. Now I learned that my job can't take priority.
    I put in my time, but don't bring it home with me, even if I work out of the house. :) When the work day is over it's time for my husband and family and definitely ME time. :)
    Sorry your job is taking over your life and your writing time. Hopefully it will slow down soon.


  2. Veggie burger, good choice! I ain't lyin'!!

    Juggling: Yeah, I suck at that too. I tried to do about ten this this morning and ended up being 10 minutes late to leave for work, then remembered in the car that I needed to ask my mom to babysit this Friday since my regular couldn't watch the kid. Called her on the cell, and after she said yes, I tried to hang up, but she told me I needed to say something to her before I could go. Umm, I love you? Thanks? Nope, I forgot to tell her happy anniversary. So the awful daughter award goes to me today. Juggling is so not my thing either.

  3. I wonder that all the time. I'm a stay-at-home mom, but with everything else that I've got going on, some days I don't get much writing done at all. Like yesterday. And today I have to spend the day scrubbing the fridge. :P