Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't like snarkiness

On a whole, I don't like snarkiness. I don't like it especially when it comes from doctors. The doctor my husband sees for his panic disorder is the king of snarkiness. I personally think that he can't keep office staff because he is a great big tool! Every time my husband goes there, he leaves more agitated than he arrived. Normally, I would blame my husband. He can be very difficult to take at times but I have seen this first hand. Years ago, when my husband's best friend died to cancer, he increased his appointments to get through the stress. The doctor invited me to sit in on the session. I agreed because I wanted to be supportive. The doctor then  turned around and billed my insurance for "family therapy".  Don't get me wrong, I am a firm supporter of family therapy. We were just not in it!

Another reason why I feel that this doctor is a big tool and my husband should seek another is that because he can't keep office staff, he makes his patients contact him via e-mail to make an appointment. Last week, I contacted as the husband requesting an appointment because of a medication refill. I received no response. So thinking that I got the e-mail wrong, I sent another follow up. Still no response, so on Friday, I sent a last ditch e-mail still hoping to get him in for his medication refill. Here is where the snarkiness came out. I received a very curt e-mail saying that he was away for the week which he had already told me in response to the other e-mail. There was no need for my repeated e-mails. I could have responded in a variety of ways. Anyone who knows me and has e-mailed me before knows that I respond to e-mail right away. Unless I am working where I can't get my home e-mail but once I am at home, I respond immediately. If he had sent a response, I would have seen it. I went with the nice angel on the shoulder, instead of the little devil whispering me to send a snarky e-mail back. What really bothers me about the whole situation is that this is how the man treats his patients. He doesn't know that he is dealing with me. Isn't he in the business of helping people? He doesn't seem like he helps to me. All weekend, I was annoyed with his treatment. So I can just imagine how he treats his patients face to face.

In my eyes, it's time to get another doctor!

Peace Out,


  1. Sounds like it's time for the doctor to retire.

  2. I vote lose the tool! Not that I really have a vote but the guy sounds like a total @#$% to me!