Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am just sitting here waiting to start teaching my college course. I thought that I was going to be late but as it turned out, I was early. So I have a half hour to wait. It seems like all I am doing lately is waiting. I am still waiting to hear from any publisher. I am waiting to hear if I still have a job after June. I am also waiting for more things in my private life where the time seems to be ticking away. So that's a lot of waiting. He husband's stress level is on high alert! There is really nothing that I can do to alleviate it, so I feel really badly, which of course puts more stress on me. Trust me, I don't need anymore.

On a better note, I am writing again. The ideas are flowing, it's just the time to write is at a premium right now. But better that than no ideas at all.

Peace Out,


  1. Hope things get better soon. I'm here if you need a friend. :)

  2. Writing is good! Writing helps kill the time while you're waiting.