Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It all caught up with me

Yesterday, all of the things that have been happening lately caught up with me.  First off, it has been crazy at work. Because of the mass terminations, everyone is on edge. I seems that it has become my principal's job to run everyone ragged. Yesterday, she had me and my math colleague go on learning walks. These are a good thing, except if they take your whole day and don't have time to do your own work. When she finally, gave us some time to eat, she cut it short by wanting to do more learning walks. So I had 7 minutes to eat my lunch and she came looking for us because we were not done fast enough. Needless to say that most of my lunch went into the trash.

Last night was my late night because I teach a college course. There first major assignment was due. As you can expect, there was a rash of stomach flu, broken printers, and all around "could I have until next week to finish it". They were also very chatty last night and it annoyed me when I am trying to give a lecture and talking and texting are going on. Do they realize that this counts against their grade? Do they care?

My mother was also released from the hospital yesterday. So after class I went over to briefly see her. I also met my brother's new girlfriend whom he is extremely serious about! I tried to get out of their as quickly as possible because I was starting not to feel well. I basically still hadn't eaten anything since 6am. I wasn't about to cook, so I went to the local sandwich shop to pick up something for me and the husband because you know he was probably nibbling at the furniture by now. This is where things started to get a little scary. While waiting for the sandwiches, I was getting very light-headed. This normally doesn't happen to me unless I am on a particular type of medication but my head was swimming. I am going to attribute it to the lack of food. But once I ate it didn't totally go away.  Then something happened that really scared me. I feel asleep in the bathtub! For close to an hour! I have to say that that was a crashing moment.

This weekend, I am hoping that I can have some time to do some intense relaxing. I might even have to book a message!

Peace Out,


  1. Sounds like you need a break. Glad to hear your mom is home. Rest!

  2. Holy Crap. That would scare the bejesus out of me too. Take care of yourself, woman! Though I totally understand why it would be extremely hard to do that at this point. Here's hoping you get all the much-needed rest and relaxtion you can.